December 2010

Minnesota-born mathematician to be honored at U of M
The University of Minnesota will honor an award-winning mathematician and Minneapolis native in a first-of-its-kind mathematics conference. John Torrence Tate, Jr., son of world-renowned University of Minnesota physicist, was the 2010 winner of the Abel Prize, an international prize for outstanding scientific work in the field of mathematics. Dec. 26: WCCO-TV; KSTP-TV; Victoria Advocate; KEYC-TV; Fox 21; Winona Daily News; KSFY-TV; WXOW-TV; Valley News Live; WKBT-TV; WQOW-TV Dec. 27: KARE-11; Rochester Post-Bulletin; St. Cloud Times; Marshall Independent

Seeing the world for the trees
Data-mining algorithms developed by computer scientists at the University of Minnesota are being used to study data from NASA’s MODIS cameras to monitor global land change. Dec. 16: The Economist

U to ask Legislature for $107 million for building projects
The University announced it will seek $107 million in state aid for several capital building projects this coming Legislative Session that were left unfunded last session, including a new Physics and Nanotechnology Building. Dec. 13: Minnesota Daily

U students just go through the motions. But when you’re building robots, that’s good
University mechanical engineering students are required to create a computer-controlled machine as their final project in Introduction to Engineering class. Dec. 10: Pioneer Press; Dec. 13: MPR News

New machine simulates the sunlight of more than 3,000 suns
University of Minnesota is first in the nation to begin using a high-tech indoor solar simulator to study turning concentrated sunlight into fuels. Dec. 9: Midwest Energy News; Dec. 10: Minnesota Daily; Dec. 15: The Line

U profs, students bolster particle collider efforts
Physics professor Jeremiah Mans is one of a handful of University research who work on the CERN particle collider in Switzerland. Dec. 7: Minnesota Daily

Speaker to call for more CSE diversity
The University of Minnesota student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers hosted a speaker who called for more diversity within the College of Science and Engineering’s student population. Dec. 7: Minnesota Daily

Just ask: What would a supersized atom look like?
University of Minnesota physics professor Jim Kakalios, author of the book, “The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics,” explains what a supersized atom would look like. Dec. 7: PBS

Peer pressures could strain the Web
University mathematics professor and Internet expert Andrew Odlyzko comments on the fight between two big Internet carriers. Dec. 6: Technology Review

U technology filters pollutants in rainwater to save lakes
Five cities nationwide have shown interest in installing specialize baffles developed by researchers at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory that isolate pollutants in storm water and protect the biological cycle in large bodies of water. Dec. 2: Minnesota Daily

U makes strides toward wind energy
The University’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory is leading an $8 million wind energy consortium as part of a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s goal for the U.S. to use 20 percent wind energy by 2030. Dec. 2: Minnesota Daily

The U licenses technology that may reduce chemicals used in mining
Associate professor of chemistry Philippe Buhlmann has developed the ion selective electrode (ISE) sensor. United Science, a start-up company, has licensed the technology that may reduce toxic waste emissions in the mining industry. Dec. 2: Star Tribune; Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal; Dec. 3: Twin Cities Business; The Engineer; PhysOrg; R&D Magazine; Science News; Dec. 4: News-Medical.Net; Dec. 6: EP Magazine; Pollution Online; Dec. 7: AZO Sensors; Dec. 8: The Line

U technology filters pollutants in rainwater to save lakes
Researchers in the U of M College of Science and Engineering’s St. Anthony Falls Lab have developed a special steel screen, installed in manholes, that isolates pollutants in storm water and protects the biological cycle in large bodies of water. Dec. 2: Minnesota Daily

U makes strides toward wind energy
College of Science and Engineering researchers in the University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Lab are leading a major national wind energy project. Dec. 2: Minnesota Daily

November 2010

Student group postpones Haiti trip
The University of Minnesota student chapter of Engineers Without Borders has postponed a January trip to Haiti because of the recent outbreak of cholera and riots in the country. Nov. 29: Minnesota Daily

For mother, father and baby, it’s Happy Birthday times 3
Mathematics professor Lawrence Gray says that the chances of parents who have the same birth date will have a child with the same birth date is 0.000751 percent. Nov. 27: Pioneer Press

Two paths lead from Roseville to Rhodes
Prerna Nadathur, a College of Science and Engineering graduate student in mathematics, has been named a 2011 Rhodes Scholar — a prestigious honor bestowed on just 30 other Americans and one other Minnesotan this year. Nov. 22: The Star Tribune; Nov. 22: KARE-TV

U of M sends 16 students to UN climate summit
Sixteen students from the University of Minnesota, including one student from the University’s College of Science and Engineering, will attend the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Mexico this month. Nov. 22: WKBT-TV; Nov. 22: Pioneer Press; Nov. 22: Grand Forks Herald; Nov. 22: KARE-TV

U professor develops software to plan evacuations
Computer science and engineering professor Shashi Shekhar has developed software that can plan emergency evacuations. Nov. 22: Minnesota Daily

Enhancing the efficiency of wind turbines
Syracuse University researchers are testing new intelligent-systems-based active flow control methods with support from the U.S. Department of Energy through the University of Minnesota Wind Energy Consortium. Nov. 21: Science Blog

University of Minnesota engineering researcher finds new way to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria
New findings by civil engineering researchers in the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering show that treating municipal wastewater solids at higher temperatures may be an effective way to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Nov. 19: Chemical & Engineering News; Nov. 22: EurekAlert; Nov. 22:; Nov. 22: Genetic Engineering News; Nov. 22: Infection Control Today; Nov. 22: e! Science News; Nov. 22: Science Blog; Nov. 22: R&D Magazine; Nov. 22: Science Daily; Nov. 23: Daily India; Nov. 23: Top News; Nov. 23: Daily News & Analysis; Nov. 23: Drug Discovery & Development; Nov. 23: Medical Daily; Nov. 23: Science Centric; Nov. 23: Water Tech Online; Nov. 23: TruthDiv; Nov. 23: Minnesota Daily; Nov. 24: Public; Nov. 24: Water Online ; Nov. 24: TopNews New Zealand; Nov. 24: Health Newstrack; Nov. 26: Medical News Today; Nov. 26: Medical Daily

College of Science and Engineering alumni create digital textbook reader
Two University of Minnesota engineering alumni in Silicon Valley have founded Kno, a company that has developed a textbook tablet specifically designed for students. Nov. 18: Minnesota Daily

Those halftime college ads: A review
The Wall Street Journal graded the University of Minnesota’s ad featuring electrical and computer engineering professor Massoud Amin, who talks about the importance of creating a better power grid, as the best TV ad shown during football game halftime. Nov. 18: Wall Street Journal

Power protection measures ensure educational continuity
University of Minnesota engineering faculty conducted research that found that non-disaster related power outages in the U.S. are up 124 percent since the early 90s. Nov. 17: TMC Net

Gender imbalance in CSE shrinks in 2014 class
Women make up 25 percent of the incoming freshmen class in the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering, the highest percentage ever. Nov. 16: Minnesota Daily

U of M hosts Math and Science Family Fun Fair
The University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering is hosting a Math and Science Family Fun Fair. The fair is a great opportunity for families with kids of all ages to come to the University to learn about the fun and excitement of careers in science and engineering. Nov. 11: WCCO-TV; Nov. 12: KARE-11

Energy scavengers redefine ‘people power’
University of Minnesota electrical and computer engineering professor Bill Robbins is finding new ways to harness new sources of energy to power electrical devices. Nov. 9: Star Tribune

University engineers aid Nicaraguan village
Innovative Engineers, a University of Minnesota student group, is using wind power to help bring electricity to a small village in Nicaragua. Nov. 8: Minnesota Daily; Nov. 14: Marshall Independent

How corporations can reduce greenhouse-gas emissions through better planning
Using transportation solutions that contribute to higher greenhouse-gas emissions has been accentuated by the trend toward “lean” or just-in-time supply chains, which tend to require more frequent, less energy-efficient deliveries, said Saif Benjaafar, a professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Minnesota. Nov. 8: Physorg

University of Minnesota leads team in discovery of novel type of magnetic wave
University of Minnesota physicists and their international colleagues from Germany, France and China report the discovery of a novel type of magnetic wave involving oxygen atoms. Nov. 7: The Chronicle; Nov. 10: Phys Org; Science Blog; University News; Eureka Alert; ECN Magazine; e! Science News; Media Newswire; Media Newswire; Nov. 11: Nature;; Softpedia; Science Centric; Medical Daily; Power Online; ElectricNet; Nov. 12: Web Newswire; Nov. 15: Azo Materials; Nov. 18: Minnesota Daily

Daylight Savings Time and vehicle crashes
Civil engineering professor David Levinson discusses Daylight Savings Time’s affect on vehicle crashes in Minnesota. Nov. 5: WCCO – Radio

Facebook popularity parallels election wins
Candidates with more Facebook fans than their opponents won their race 74 percent of the time. This is one example of what University of Minnesota computer science professor John Riedl calls a prediction market. Nov. 4: Minnesota Daily

Physics professor breaks down quantum physics for non-scientists
In his new book “The Amazing Story of Quantum Physics,” University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios teaches non-physicists about the mysteries behind complex ideas like quantum mechanics. Nov. 2: Scientific American; Nov. 16: My Northwest

October 2010

Astronaut to visit U, present two scholarships
Astronaut Daniel Brandenstein visits the University of Minnesota to give a public talk and award scholarships to two College of Science and Engineering students from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. Oct. 27: Minnesota Daily; Minn Post

OIT seeks to improve U’s Wi-Fi coverage
Many factors may disrupt the coverage of new wireless Internet access on campus, such as the thickness of walls and the number of people using a particular access point, said computer science professor Abhishek Chandra. Oct. 27: Minnesota Daily

U increases spending on research
The University of Minnesota climbed one ranking spot in spending on science and engineering research among universities nationwide. The College of Science and Engineering submitted about 1,000 research proposals in the 2009 fiscal year. Oct. 25: Minnesota Daily

Software knows what films you like
Computer science professor John Riedl was one of the first to develop an artificial intelligence media recommendation system, that has now evolved into MovieLens, which recommends films based on 1,500 characteristics and online reviews. Oct. 21: Minnesota Daily

All-electric spintronic semiconductor devices created
A team of physicists including University of Minnesota physics professor Paul Crowell has come closer to making electron spin the universal language of computation-they are the first to develop a simple, all-electric method to both generate and detect spin currents within a standard semiconductor. Oct. 21: Sify News

Molecular mimicry: Plastic, steel line up like kin
University of Minnesota chemical engineering and materials science professor Frank Bates and his fellow researchers may have discovered a fundamental property of nature where some plastics mimic stainless steel materials. Oct. 19: National Public Radio

Growing flash mob phenomenon hits Northrop
An impromptu dance performance on the Northrop Mall by more than 100 College of Science and Engineering students celebrated the college’s 75th anniversary. Oct. 19: KSTP; WCCO TV (link no longer available); Pioneer Press (link no longer available); Oct. 20: Minnesota Daily; Oct. 24: Twin Cities Daily Planet

Friends made in low places
Smaller robots developed for the military are being adopted by SWAT teams to get a view from a safe distance. The robot, developed through some $8 million in Defense Department and other grants at the University of Minnesota, weighs less than 1.5 pounds. Oct. 18: Wall Street Journal

CSE celebrates 75 years of “inventing tomorrow”
The college will recognize its long history with a celebration Oct. 19. The College of Science and Engineering will be celebrating its 75-year anniversary Tuesday with a kick-off celebration for students, faculty and staff on the Northrop Mall. Oct. 15: Minnesota Daily

Is this the ‘safest bridge in America?’
The new I-35W bridge has more than 300 sensors that are monitored by Minnesota Department of Transportation and University of Minnesota engineers, making it one of the safest bridges in America. Oct. 15: CNN

The rising tide of outages
Massoud Amin, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota, asks and addresses the questions: What is Smart Grid, and what are the costs/benefits of full deployment? Oct. 15: Intelligent Energy; Oct. 7: Connected Planet

Watching the skies
To search for existence of alien life would not diminish us, but in fact would enrich our relationship with the universe to know there were others like us, said University of Minnesota astronomy professor Lawrence Rudnick. Oct. 14: Minnesota Daily

U talent represented at science expo
The University of Minnesota was represented at the USA Science & Engineering Festival by James Kakalios, physics professor and author of “The Physics of Superheroes,” who spoke at the event. The National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics also exhibited a “rain-table” in which visitors can touch a topographic map and explore where water goes when it rains. Oct. 13: Minnesota Daily

Quantum mechanics made easy – seriously
A University of Minnesota professor again uses a pop culture approach to get at the core of physics. Oct. 13: Star Tribune; Oct. 15: MSNBC

U re-launches ad campaign amid talk of cuts
Massoud Amin, director of the University’s Technological Leadership Institute, is featured in one of the University of Minnesota’s 30-second ads that are part of its new “Because” campaign. Oct. 12: Minnesota Daily

WWI-era ships enlisted as climate guideposts
Lucy Fortson, a University of Minnesota physics and astronomy professor, is part of a team that is seeking volunteers to help plug holes in the climate record. Oct. 12: Discovery News

U professor calls for grid overhaul
Electrical and computer engineering professor Massoud Amin urges the replacement of the existing outdated electrical grid with a “smart grid.” Oct. 11: Minnesota Daily

On a quest to map the brain’s hidden territory
Researchers from the University of Minnesota and Washington University in St. Louis will map the connections in the brains of 1,200 healthy adults and combine that information with genetic and behavioral data. Electrical and computer engineers from the University of Minnesota are part of the team. Oct. 8: St. Louis Today; Oct. 11: The Boston Globe; Oct. 12: The Republic; Oct. 14: Minnesota Public Radio

University of Minnesota to lead energy-storage effort
University of Minnesota researchers have been named lead agency by the National Science Foundation for a four-year, $2 million project to create a model for storing energy generated by offshore wind farms. Oct. 5: The Daily Reporter; Oct. 6: Midwest Energy News; Oct. 7: Minnesota Daily

From research to the real world
The University of Minnesota’s Medical Devices Center has given life to more than 30 projects in just the last five years. Oct. 5: Minnesota Daily

September 2011

U of M science and engineering R&D spending up 8.5%
The University of Minnesota system moved up one notch to 10th among all public and private universities and eighth among public universities in spending on research and development in science and engineering in 2009. This is the fourth year in a row that the U has moved up in rank nationwide. Sept. 29: MinnPost

Solar house to be shown at Bell Museum exhibit
The University of Minnesota’s ICON Solar House built for last year’s national Solar Decathlon competition will be on display across the street from the Bell Museum beginning in mid-October. College of Science and Engineering students were part of the student team that built the house. Sept. 29: Minnesota Daily

Rankings are rich in data, but timely?
Aerospace engineering was one of the University of Minnesota’s doctoral programs that ranked highly in the National Research Council’s recent assessment. Sept. 28: Star Tribune

Historic lab up for $15.8M renovation
The College of Science and Engineering’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory was recently awarded $7.1 million from the National Science Foundation to renovate its facility. The University of Minnesota will contribute an additional $8.7 million from the Minnesota Legislature for critical repairs and infrastructure needs of existing buildings. Sept. 22: Finance & Commerce; Sept. 29: Minnesota Daily

U creates high-speed camera
A team of aerospace engineering and mechanics researchers have created a high-speed submersible 3-D holographic camera that will help in the oil spill clean up. Sept. 27: Minnesota Daily

U researchers to lead brain study
Electrical and computer engineering researchers are part of a a first-of-its-kind University of Minnesota-led effort to map all major circuits of the human brain. Sept. 15: Molecular Station; MedCity News; Star Tribune: Sept. 16: WQOW-18 Eau Claire; WCCO TV Minneapolis: Sept. 19: Jefferson City News Tribune

NASA, U to explore sun
With a $7 million grant from NASA, faculty from the College of Science and Engineering’s School of Physics and Astronomy are helping to launch an unmanned spacecraft into the Sun’s atmosphere. Sept. 10: Minnesota Daily; Sept. 13: MinnPost; Minnesota Daily

August 2010

Universe in the Park program to be last of season
University of Minnesota astronomy graduate students will participated in the Universe in the Park program at Lake Maria State Park in northern Wright County. Aug. 30: St. Cloud Times

Mortenson nabs deal to build $80M U of M physics building
Mortenson Construction is close to landing a deal to build the new $80 million Physics and Nanotechnology Building at the University of Minnesota if funding is approved. Aug. 26: Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

Tight budget means fewer new faculty at U of M
Newly hired civil engineering faculty member Stefano Gonella said that with fewer new faculty being hired at the University of Minnesota this year, the competition for the job was fierce. Aug. 26: to listen Minnesota Public Radio

University of Minnesota math institute receives $20.5 million NSF grant
The University of Minnesota’s Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) has been awarded a $20.5-million National Science Foundation (NSF) renewal grant over the next five years. Aug. 25: PhysOrg

In Michigan, a smart meter plan gets scaled back
Massoud Amin, University professor of electrical and computer engineering, says using smart grid technology will save money in the long run, despite implementation costs. Aug. 23: Greentechmedia

University of Minnesota to give wind project a whirl
College of Science and Engineering researchers are involved in a University of Minnesota plan to install a 2.5-megawatt Clipper wind turbine at its UMore Park property in Rosemount, helping the U.S. Department of Energy achieve its goal of boosting domestic wind power generation. Aug. 20: Finance and Commerce; Aug. 23: Daily Reporter

U of M receives $10M grant to study climate change
University of Minnesota computer scientists are leading a multi-disciplinary team that will study the implications of climate change in detail. Aug. 20: Minnesota Public Radio

University of Minnesota, UEL to open medical device “Launch Pad”
The University of Minnesota and University Enterprise Laboratories (UEL) are close to a deal that will create a medical device incubator to house early stage companies created by graduates of the College of Science and Engineering’s. Aug. 17: MedCity News

Researchers develop atrazine-reducing enzymes
Two College of Science and Engineering recent graduates, Joe Mullenbach and Alex Johansson, are commercializing technology designed to reduce atrazine concentrations in drinking water. Aug. 16: Water Tech Online

Is the Gulf oil gone? It depends on how you define ‘oil’
Justin Revenaugh, a University professor of geology and geophysics, says there is still considerable oil in the Gulf, despite National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims saying it’s completely gone. Aug. 14: Fox News

U students help decipher neutrinos
Twenty University of Minnesota students are working at the NOvA warehouse in southeast Como Park, where they have been helping to build two neutrino detectors. Aug. 11: Minnesota Daily

Using tech to curb deaths on Minnesota’s roadways
University of Minnesota mechanical engineering professor Max Donath, talks about new vehicle technology that can save lives on the road. Aug. 10: Minnesota Public Radio

U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing
Massoud Amin, University professor of electrical and computer engineering, supports construction of a nationwide “smart grid” that would avert blackouts and save billions of dollars in wasted electricity. Aug. 9: CNN

Xcel shows it can catch the wind in a big battery
University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering researchers are working with Xcel Energy to take a big step toward advancements in battery storage of renewable energy with the successful testing of a battery big enough to store wind power-generated electricity for 500 homes. Aug, 4: Pioneer Press; North American Windpower; Sustainable Business: Aug. 6: Green Tech Media

I-35W bridge showcases ‘smart bridge’ technology
Using sensors and advanced technology, the University’s Department of Civil Engineering receives a steady stream of information and data about the new I-35W bridge. Aug. 4: Minnesota Daily