Stay in touch

Find the U wherever you go

There are 70 alumni chapters around the globe so you can connect with other Gophers wherever you go. Visit the Minnesota Alumni Association to find U of M alumni in your area.

Take advantage of benefits

  • Free one-year Alumni Association membership: You receive a free year of membership to the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA). Membership, in addition to giving you benefits like discounts on test prep courses, special event pricing, and online library access, also connects alumni, supports students and strengthens the U. Visit the Minnesota Alumni Association to learn more about your member benefits.
  • Lifetime email address: As a graduate, you have lifetime access to your U of M email address, just make sure you login through the portal once every 3 months to keep your account active.
  • GoldPASS job database: CSE alumni also have access to GoldPASS, the University’s online job posting database. For more information visit GoldPASS.

Attend an event

  • Emerging Professionals Network: CSE, in partnership with the UMAA and other U of M colleges, hosts events throughout the year exclusively for Twin Cities area recent graduates. The Emerging Professionals Network is a way for recent graduates of the University of Minnesota to stay connected with the U and build new relationships with each other.
  • Homecoming: CSE hosts a Homecoming celebration every year exclusively for CSE alumni and friends. Homecoming Week 2017 is scheduled for Oct. 15-21. Check back for more information in early fall.

Become a mentor

Each year, the CSE Mentor Program matches more than 200 students with industry professionals. Our program is one of the largest mentor programs at the University of Minnesota, and we expanded even further by including the Actuary Mentor Program as part of the CSE Mentor Program. The program runs October–April. Visit our CSE Mentor Program webpage for more information and registration forms.