Field Methods in Water Quality in Norway (CEGE 4011)

Seminar description

Get into the field! Based in Trondheim, Norway, this seminar will investigate various methods to analyze the quality of lakes, streams, drinking water, and wastewater.

Students will get hands-on experience learning how to assess water quality. Approximately one week of the course will be spent at the Sletvik field station, near Agdenes, where vertical profiles of various water quality parameters (temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen) will be measured and compared. The other two weeks will be spent in Trondheim studying streams and water and wastewater treatment methods. Students will learn how to measure velocity profiles, dispersion, and respiration in streams.

Additionally, the class will visit drinking water and wastewater treatment plants to learn how these processes differ in Norway compared to the United States. Water samples will be taken for lab analysis including bacterial plate counts, chemical oxygen demand, and total suspended solids.

Outside of class, students will be able to explore Trondheim’s waterfront, cathedrals, fort, and beaches. There are plenty of hiking opportunities along the fjord and in the hills surrounding the city. Weekend trips will allow for exploration of Norway’s famous mountains and fjords.

Seminar details

Term:  May Session 2018

Tentative travel Dates: Thursday, May 17–Saturday, June 9, 2018

Eligible students: U of M students, non-U of M students. Admission is by application.

Credit: Students will receive three credits for CEGE 4011 (civil engineering).

Language prerequisite: No language prerequisite

Program leader: The seminar is jointly taught by lead professor Ray Hozalski and numerous instructors from both the University of Minnesota and the Norwegian Technical University.

Estimated program fee: The final program fee for this seminar will include three credits, round-trip airfare, housing, excursions, international health insurance, and group meals. Costs for this program have not yet been finalized. Past seminars have been approximately $4,900–$5,400.

Apply nowApplication deadline is Thursday, March 1, 2018.

If you have questions, email

“Being able to learn about new things on this trip, whether it be culture, measuring devices, or physical concepts, has all reminded me that there’s so much more to know outside of a classroom.”
—Past participant

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