Giving matters

You can help invent the future. Today’s challenges demand creative, educated minds – innovators who will ask the critical questions and work to uncover the answers. Private funding helps to advance innovation and research for solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems. Every year, the University of Minnesota produces talented scientists and engineers capable of tackling humanity’s most serious challenges.

Create opportunities. The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the top-ranked programs in the country, with a distinct blend of engineering, the sciences, and mathematics. This interdisciplinary approach creates opportunities for our students to make discoveries that will fuel their passions, and the broad perspective necessary to address tough problems.

Support outstanding graduates. America faces an unprecedented crisis in science and engineering. Only 11 percent of the world’s baccalaureate science and engineering degrees are awarded by U.S. educational institutions. To impact the world tomorrow, we must invest in our world today. With your support, we will continue to produce outstanding graduates whose fresh ideas, curiosity, and drive will help us make progress, and lead us to a better world. Join us.

Our college’s greatest areas of need for private funding include:

  • Increasing the dollars for scholarships and fellowships to compete for the best undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Creating new endowed chairs and professorships to support, attract, and retain high-quality faculty and research.
  • Investing in our world-class research facilities and learning environments.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities for bold new initiatives with real-world impact.

Learn the ways you can give to the College of Science and Engineering.