College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

About our research 

From the outer reaches of space to the inner workings of cells, research within the College of Science and Engineering's 12 departments and a multitude research centers and labs, truly lives up to the college's motto of "Inventing Tomorrow."

Student research opportunities

Both undergraduate and graduate students have a wide variety of opportunities to conduct research under the direction of world-class faculty who are leaders in their fields of research.

Tradition of excellence

From its early history as the birthplace of the retractable seat belt, synthetic rubber, the supercomputer, and the first wearable pacemaker, today's College of Science and Engineering researchers are developing new breakthroughs to solve our most pressing problems. Innovations in medical devices, biomedical applications of nanotechnology, data mining techniques, smart grid technology, cleaner energy, and many other areas will improve our everyday lives.

Business and industry connections

The College of Science and Engineering has collaborations with the University of Minnesota's world-renowned medical school and health sciences, locally-based corporations such as 3M and Medtronic, as well as universities and companies around the globe.