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MnDRIVE: Minnesota Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy

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By aligning areas of University strength with opportunity and need, the goal of MnDRIVE is to foster innovation, cultivate strategic business collaborations, advance Minnesota’s economy and enhance the University’s ability to produce breakthrough research that addresses our state’s and society’s greatest challenges.

MnDRIVE Faculty Positions in Robotics, Sensors, and Advanced Manufacturing

The MnDRIVE Robotics, Sensors, and Advanced Manufacturing initiative leverages strengths in research and education in these and related areas at the University, and expands collaborations with industry and government to respond to emerging opportunities.

In support of the initiative, applications for multiple tenure-track and tenured positions are invited in a coordinated recruiting process with relevant academic departments in engineering, physical and computer sciences, and mathematics, as well as programs that support applications of the initiative’s technologies in areas such as health sciences and medicine, biology, and agriculture.

Disciplinary areas of particular interest to this search include, but are not limited to:

  • robotics and automation, 
  • control and dynamical systems,
  • machine learning and intelligence,
  • image processing and computer vision,
  • neuroengineering, materials,
  • devices and systems for novel sensing and actuation, and
  • digital manufacturing.

Successful candidates are expected to have strong commitments to cross-disciplinary collaboration in research and teaching in both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Candidates must actively support the goals of the initiative in impacting the University’s contributions to applications such as:

  • terrestrial and aerial robotics,
  • industrial automation and manufacturing,
  • surgical robotics and image-guided therapies,
  • medical-assist and wearable robotic systems,
  • environmental and agricultural robotics,
  • cognition, and
  • human-machine and human augmentation systems.


Robotics, Sensors, and Advanced Manufacturing Kick-off Event

View videos and presentations from the April 17, 2014 event.


In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature authorized an $18 million annual investment in four University of Minnesota research areas, reflecting a marriage of the U of M’s distinctive strengths with the state’s key and emerging industries.

The investment, called Minnesota’s Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy (MnDRIVE), is a landmark partnership between the university and the state of Minnesota.

Research focus areas include:

  • Robotics, sensors and advanced manufacturing
  • Global food ventures
  • Advancing industry, conserving our environment
  • Discoveries and treatments for brain conditions