College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering


Academic Advising

Academic advisors are committed to supporting your well-being and academic achievement. While you are an undergraduate, they will be your main contact  for planning your academic courses, understanding University policies, preparing for registration, and helping you connect with resources.

Academic Support

The demands of a science or engineering program can be rigorous and challenging--even if you excelled in high school. There are many academic support programs available to help you stay on track. You can talk with your academic advisor first or go directly to the program you're interested in.


Use your Career Center

From choosing a major to landing your first job, the Career Center for Science and Engineering can help. We provide a course to help you choose a career path you'll love. We also provide resume reviews, practice interviewing, and more.

Connect with Diversity Programs

Our college welcomes a diverse mix of women and men representing many cultures and life experiences. Our diversity programs help students from underrepresented groups with resources and opportunities to succeed and graduate.

Reach Out to Youth

You can be the person who sparks a young child's interest in science and engineering. Learn how you can volunteer at one of the College of Science and Engineer's outreach events or get involved in a student group's outreach activities.