Mike Johnson

Portrait of Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

TLI Faculty, Technological Leadership Institute

Master of Science in Security Technologies
University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts
Concordia College Moorhead


Mike Johnson has 25 years of risk management experience in security and financial services. Previously, he was responsible for all aspects of operations risk management for Bremer Bank, a regional financial services provider, the IT Director and Compliance Officer for Dean Financial Services, and an FDIC Bank Examiner. He began serving as the director of graduate studies for the M.S. in Security Technologies degree program at TLI in 2016.

Alternate Job Roles

  • Honeywell/James J. Renier Chair in Security Technologies
  • Senior Fellow
  • Director of Graduate Studies - MSST


  • Security Risk Management
  • Security and operations risk program development and implementation
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery program development


  • M.S. in Security Technologies
  • M.S. in Medical Device Innovation
Currently Teaching Courses
Cyber Security Foundations: Technology, Risk and Communication (ST 8109)
Security Science and Technology Foundation (ST 8110)
Methods, Theory, and Applications (ST 8111)
Information and Cyber Security (ST 8113)
Vulnerability, Risk, Threat Assessment and Management (ST 8220)
Critical Infrastructure Protection (ST 8330)
MSST Capstone Project (ST 8620A & ST 8620B)