NATO Officer to Address TLI Students February 4

NATO-assigned military officer and Air Force Major Cathryn Joan “CJ” Yerage will speak to TLI’s  Master of Technology (MOT) students about the war in Ukraine and its implications for the Baltic States. The February 4 visit marks the first time a NATO representative has addressed students enrolled in one of TLI’s graduate programs.

The talk is being offered in advance of the student’s trip to Estonia and Finland, where they will learn firsthand about corporate leadership in the region.

“This is a unique opportunity for students in our leadership program to hear directly from a NATO expert about pressing geopolitical concerns,” said Travis Thul, Director of Operations for TLI. “Russia's war in Ukraine is having a huge impact on the entire region and knowing how the neighboring countries are reacting is critical in understanding the business climate there.”

The ten-day MOT trips are usually slated for late April, and are designed to provide exposure to cultural, technological and geopolitical issues affecting business in an international context. Students visit corporate offices, manufacturing sites, R&D labs and local incubators as part of the experience. They also have access to plant tours, presentations, panel discussions and candid Q&As that would not be available in the U.S.

Past MOT cohorts have visited locations ranging from China to Germany to Vietnam as part of the International Management of Technology Project (IMTP), which is scheduled at the end of the 2-year technology leadership program. This year's student cohort will travel to Estonia and Finland.

Major Yerage is the Director of Management, NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Uedem, Germany. She manages CAOC Uedem’s internal and Higher Headquarters taskers and is responsible for engaging on high visibility items with external organizations including SHAPE, AIRCOM, external CAOCs, and NATO nations on behalf of the Command Group.

She spent a year as a White House Fellow with placement at the State Department in the Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs. Major Yerage is also a senior rated pilot, having logged over 2,300 hours in the T-6, T-1A and C-17A aircraft.