TLI Capstone Winner: Will Bryant, MOT Program

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This spring members our TLI Class of 2024 received awards for the best capstone projects for each of our three graduate programs: Security Technologies (ST), Medical Device Innovation (MDI) and Management of Technology (MOT). For their capstone projects, students take what they've learned during their two years in the program and apply it to a real-world business problem. 
Our final winner is Will Bryant, the capstone winner for our Management of Technology program. Will's project is an assessment of the impact -- both positive and negative -- of increased product complexity in Polaris's product line. Here's what he had to say about it:

My capstone project endeavored to understand the impact of ever-increasing product complexity on the Polaris business and to develop strategies for its management. It identified areas where product complexity enhances customer value and profitability, and where it creates operational challenges and hidden costs. Through extensive primary and secondary research, the project analyzed complexity drivers and the correlation between product configurations and customer values. It further investigated methods for quantifying the cost of complexity, evaluated alternative portfolio planning methodologies, and suggested techniques for reducing the cost of complexity. The project culminated in a series of recommendations for more effective complexity management. The project has been backed by Polaris leadership from the onset, a factor that has significantly contributed to its success. The recommendations derived from this project are set to be disseminated and assessed soon.

The MOT program also contributed to the success of my capstone. Looking back at my MOT journey, I can see how this program has molded me into a technical leader and strategist. The program equipped me with the mindset and skills needed to tackle such a broad capstone topic. Moreover, many of the frameworks and methods I learned in class proved to be practical and effective when applied to the complexity topic at Polaris.

Congratulations to Will and to all of our capstone winners this year!