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UNITE Distributed Learning

Enroll in University of Minnesota Courses through UNITE

Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Guests of the University of Minnesota ... UNITE Distributed Learning "piggybacks" on University of Minnesota courses in the College of Science and Engineering on the Twin Cities' East Bank campus. 

For each UNITE course offering, there is an on-campus section of that course taught in one of the UNITE-enhanced classroom.  UNITE provides live streaming video from that on-campus class session as well as archived video streams and downloadable video and audio podcasts to students enrolled through UNITE in that course.

Many CSE graduate students in a coursework-only program complete all courses through UNITE. Combine on-campus courses with courses taken through UNITE toward your degree. 

UNITE enrollment is limited to students who are located in the United States during the semester for which they are registering. Short-term travel during the semester will require instructor and UNITE approval in the event of exams.

Same course, same instructor, same schedule, same credits as the on-campus section.

EE 5585 added 8/9/21!
ME 5332 added 7/9/2021!