College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

Choose a major that will prepare you for the future

If you know what your career goals are in the physical sciences, mathematics, or engineering, the academic programs of the College of Science and Engineering can help you get there.

If you aren't sure which major or career path is right for you, we have programs and advisors to help you choose.

Start right away

In First Year Experience (FYE), you’ll begin exploring majors and careers paths in your first weeks here.

Explore 18 degree programs

A full spectrum of rigorous, rewarding undergraduate degrees is available in physical science, mathematics, and engineering.

Change to a different major without changing colleges

Many other universities make you apply to a different college if you switch majors among physical science, mathematics, and engineering. That can be a problem for many students who don’t start out knowing whether they want to focus on science or engineering. Here, the physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics are all based in one college.

Work with a career advisor

Our career counselors work with you individually as you select a major and career path.

Stay on track for graduation

The course plan for each major is designed to be completed in four years.

Build your foundation

The coursework includes a deep, broad foundation of knowledge and skills, because it’s important to be flexible and ready for life-long learning as your field rapidly evolves.

Shape your course plan

Choose electives and emphasis areas that reflect your career interests.