CSE-Sponsored Diversity Programs

STEM Diversity House Living Learning Community


Are you an indigenous student or student of color interested in STEM fields? Find your place on campus and explore your career, academic, and personal interests here!

The STEM Diversity House Living Learning Community, located in Pioneer Hall, is open to first-year, second-year, and transfer STEM students.

We provide:

  • A tight-knit environment in which you can learn from peers, faculty, and professionals who have similar academic and career interests
  • Help in calculus, physics, and chemistry at the Taylor Tutoring Center, sponsored by CSE
  • Opportunities to connect—the Community Advisor (CA) works with staff and faculty in STEM fields to arrange activities like dinner with faculty, study groups, and off-campus events
  • Opportunities to work with North Star STEM Alliance, a program that will support you with financial support, research opportunities, service and outreach activities, study abroad, and internships

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Living Learning Community


Gain support from other female CSE students by living in the WISE LLC! The WISE House, sponsored by Medtronic, is a community of motivated women in the College of Science and Engineering.

The WISE House, located in Pioneer Hall, is open to first-year students.

We provide:

  • Support network who will learn and grow with you
  • WISE-Medtronic Mentor Program for one-to-one mentorship with professional engineers at Medtronic throughout the academic year
  • Professional staff and live-in peer Community Advisors (CAs)
  • Events offered by the CSE WISE Initiative, including dinners with faculty, study groups, book discussions, and interactive lectures • Help in calculus, physics, and chemistry at the Taylor Tutoring Center, sponsored by CSE



The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Initiative exists to promote diversity and strengthen community across gender identities by providing additional opportunities for professional and personal development.

WISE sponsors:

  • Guest speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on topics such as leadership, research opportunities, mental health and wellness, financial planning, and building a personal brand
  • Informal study groups
  • International immersion experiences
  • Networking opportunities—for students to connect with each other as well as faculty, graduate students, and professionals.
  • Undergraduate-Graduate Mentor Program
  • Book discussions
  • K-12 outreach and volunteer opportunities

WISE Contact:
Sam Franco (she/her/hers)
Assistant Director of WISE
Collegiate Life Office, Lind Hall, Suite 115