Recruit our students


Whether you want to hire a student, host an informational session, or schedule an on-campus interview, the CSE Career Center is your resource for finding talented students, recent graduates, and alumni in science, engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

Services for employers

Post a job, internship, or co-op

GoldPASS is the University's recruiting database. Employers may post full-time, part-time, and co-op positions in GoldPASS. You can also search student resumes and register for career events. See a sample job posting template (PDF).

Job offer guidelines for employers

The College of Science and Engineering understands the competitive and deadline-driven process of recruiting. However, students who are pressured into making hasty decisions on employment may renege on those offers. To reduce the likelihood of reneging, we ask that employers allow students to fully participate in recruiting activities, including career fairs, information sessions, networking events, and on-campus interviews. For more information, visit our job offer guidelines for employers web page.

Register for a career fair

The College of Science and Engineering hosts a career fair each fall and spring in partnership with student organizations. Learn more about the CSE Career Fair.

To receive email notifications of future career fairs, contact CSE Employer Relations at

Schedule on-campus interviews

We encourage on-campus recruitment and host employers during fall and spring semesters for pre-select and open schedules. Learn more about on-campus interviews.

Host an information session or recruiting table

Information sessions are a great way to meet students, talk about your organization, and promote current job, internship, and co-op positions. We’ll promote the event to students. You can also invite recent alumni to attend who can speak about their experience transitioning from college to work. Learn more about hosting a student information session.

You can also reserve a table in a classroom building that will attract students studying the majors you are recruiting. You’ll be able to talk with students about your organization and opportunities in an informal setting.

Schedule CSE Career Center office hours

Spend time in the CSE Career Center talking with students about jobs, internships, and co-ops available in your organization. We’ll advertise your visit and encourage students to drop in.

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