Honorary Degree

The highest award conferred by the University of Minnesota to an individual who has achieved acknowledged eminence in cultural affairs, in public service, or in a field of knowledge and scholarship.


Zdeněk P. Bažant
Walter P. Murphy Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
McCormick School of Engineering 
Northwestern University


Stanley Sandler (ChE Ph.D. '66)
H.B. du Pont Chair of Chemical Engineering, Emeritus
University of Delaware


Chunli Bai 
Professor and Executive Vice President
Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chandra M. Varma (Physics Ph.D. ’68)
Long-time Bell Laboratories researcher and Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of California-Riverside

Zenon Mroz 
Leader/Scientific Coordinator
Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials and Structures (AMAS)


Jack Dangermond (Architecture M.S. ’68)
Founder, Environmental Systems Research Institute


Lu Yongxiang
President, Chinese Academy of Sciences


George Bugliarello (CivE M.S. ’54)
Chancellor and former president of Polytechnic University


Jorge Manuel Dengo-Obregon (CivE ’43)
Former vice president, Costa Rica

Marcia K. McNutt 
President of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Research Institute

Doraiswami Ramkrishna (ChemE Ph.D. '65)
Professor of Chemical Engineering of Purdue University

C.A. "Sy" Syvertson (AeroEng M.S. ’48)
Director, NASA Ames Research Center (retired)


William Bardeen (Physics Ph.D. ’68)
Theoretical Physics Group, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Jeffrey Harvey (Physics and Math,’77)
Professor of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago


Morton Denn (ChemE Ph.D. '64)
Einstein Professor of Science and Engineering
Director, the Levitch Institute for Physico-Chemical Hydrodynamics
The City College of the City University of New York

Theodore Galambos
Professor Emeritus
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota

James Prestegard (Chem ’66)
Professor of Chemistry and Eminent Scholar Professor
University of Georgia

W. Harmon Ray (ChemE Ph.D. ’66)
Vilas Research Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lee Raymond (ChemE Ph.D. ’63)
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Exxon Mobil Corporation


Andreas Acrivos (ChemE Ph.D. ’54)
Einstein Professor of Science and Engineering
The City College of the City University of New York

Charles Fairhurst
Professor Emeritus
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota


Guangzhi Tu (Geology Ph.D. ’49)
Professor, Institute of Geochemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences, People's Republic of China


Ernst R.G. Eckert
Regents Professor Emeritus
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota