Online learning

UNITE Distributed Learning

UNITE offers online graduate and undergraduate level engineering and science courses through streaming video, downloadable video podcasts, and web-based technologies for local and distant students.

Courses are designed to complete a master’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering. UNITE also offers courses in biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, biophysical sciences, mathematics, and physics.

Through UNITE, students may:

  • Complete a master’s degree in about four years by taking one to two classes per term
  • Combine UNITE courses with on-campus courses toward a degree
  • Complete most, if not all, coursework associated with a Ph.D. degree
  • Register for classes as a non-degree student
  • Audit courses on a non-credit basis
  • View non-credit seminars and short courses as well as weekly colloquiums and guest lectures on a variety of topics

Students enjoy the same benefits as those physically present in the on-campus classroom. All degrees, credits, transcripts, and other records are identical to those earned through attending classes on campus.

Visit the UNITE Distributed Learning website.

University of Minnesota Online

The University of Minnesota offers many online courses in a variety of degree programs. Online offerings are available from Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, and the Twin Cities campuses. Many of these programs can be completed entirely online. Others combine the benefits of online learning with other types of educational opportunities.

The University’s online courses offer the same excellent quality as face-to-face courses but with greater flexibility for both scheduling and learning pace. Online courses simply work better for some students, allowing working professionals, for example, to fit higher education into their busy schedules. Other students find that online courses allow them to work at their own pace, helping maximize their learning outcomes.

Visit the University of Minnesota Online website.