CSE Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

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Frequently asked questions about the 2024 ceremony

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Who is eligible to participate in the May 9, 2024 commencement ceremony?

You are eligible to participate if your degree was awarded in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College of Science and Engineering during one of the following semesters:

Summer 2023
Fall 2023

You may also participate if you are a University of Minnesota Twin Cities College of Science and Engineering student and your Expected Graduation Term (EGT) in MyU is:

Spring 2024
May/Summer 2024
Fall 2024

When does registration open and close?

Participant registration opened December and closed on Friday, April 12, 2024.

How do I register for the commencement ceremony?

Beginning in December, all eligible students received an email from csecommencement@umn.edu with details on how to register. We use a registration system through a company called MarchingOrder. You must register if you wish to participate in the ceremony.

Is registering for the commencement ceremony the same as applying for my degree?

No, they are different processes. The application for degree is automatically done based on the Expected Graduation Term (EGT) noted in your MyU account. For this reason, it is very important that your EGT is correct. If your EGT is incorrect, please send an email to cseadvising@umn.edu with your correct EGT so it can be updated. Participation in the commencement ceremony is not automatic so you must register if you wish to participate.

If I participate in my major’s departmental recognition celebration am I automatically registered for the commencement ceremony?

No, the departmental events are separate from the collegewide commencement ceremony.

How do I find information about the departmental recognition celebration for my major?

Contact your department directly for more information.

Can I wait to decide if I want to participate until the day of the ceremony?

No, students who wish to participate must register by the deadline, which will be in mid April.

What are the instructions for graduates the day of the ceremony?

  • You must have your GradPass to cross the stage. You will receive an email with your GradPass on Tuesday, May 7. You can choose to download the GradPass to your phone, or if you wish to have your hands free to accept your diploma cover from the Dean, you can print your GradPass and hand it to the usher when it is your turn to cross the stage.  
  • Graduates are to  arrive at the 3M Arena at Mariucci at noon on Thursday, May 9. Graduates enter through the Sundet Lobby entrance on the southwest corner of the building at 1901 4th Street, proceed downstairs, and follow staff instructions. Guests should use the main entrance on the east side of the building.
  • Ensure you arrive dressed appropriately. Wear  your cap and gown with the tassel on the right. If you have an  honors cord,  Wear it  with the middle behind yourneck and the ends in front. Your graduation cap should beworn flat with  one point facing forward. Cap tassels should initially be  on the right side and moved to the left side when instructed during the ceremony. Unpack  your cap and gown beforehand to ensure all pieces are present and to remove any wrinkles.
  • Leave valuables at home or with family members. There will be no secure coat check area available. Please silence all electronic devices. 
  • Gather by your major’s sign for the procession into the arena.  Procession lines will form behind the designated r sign holder. 
  • If you are being recognized for multiple CSE degrees, choose one major for processing and crossing  the stage. Your GradPass allows only one crossing  but all of your CSE degrees will be displayed on arena monitors. 
  • Guests should enter the 3M Arena at Mariucci’s main entrance at 4 Oak Street withdoors opening at noon.  No tickets are required and ADA seating is available. Refer to 3M Arena at Mariucci policies for guest restrictions. 
  • The ceremony starts  promptly at 1 p.m. and concludes around 3:30 p.m. All attendees are expected to stay until the end.
  • Follow your major’s sign holder into the arena and proceed to your designated seating. Fill in all seats to ensure there are enough seats for all graduates, please fill in every seat leaving no empty chairs.
  • When your major is announced, ushers will cue you to stand and line up for stage crossing. Remember, your GradPass is required for crossing the stage. Scan it at the base of the stairs and wait for the usher’s cue to proceed. Exit the stage to the right. 
  • Additional restrooms and mirrors are located at the end of the Zamboni tunnel in the loading dock area. 
  • Guests should remain seated to facilitate the smooth flow of graduates during the ceremony.
  • After the ceremony, graduates will exit the arena after the stage participants but in no particular order. You can meet your guests in the lobby or on the plaza. You may want to designate a specific spot to meet.
  • Professional photographers from GradImages will be present  throughout the ceremony. Pre-register with GradImages for a 20% discount on photo purchases. Visit the GradImages pre-registration website to receive your 20% off coupon.
  • A livestream of the ceremony will be available online at [link here], and the recording will be accessible at on this website after May 27.  
  • Share your excitement on social media using #umncsegrad and #csegrad2024 on social media. Encourage family and friends to join in the celebration!

To print these instructions, visit the Instructions for Graduates web page.

Do I get my actual diploma at the ceremony?

No, the diploma will be mailed to you. See One Stop’s web page “Your Diploma” for specific details. Students participating in the ceremony are handed a diploma cover by the Dean as they cross the stage.

Do my family and friends need tickets if they would like to attend the ceremony?

No, guest seating in the arena is open. Tickets are not required, and you may invite as many guests as you wish.

Is there disability access and seating in the 3M at Mariucci Arena?

Yes, accessible entry and seating can be found on the east side, or along the Oak Street entrance of the arena where wheelchair ramps are provided. There are wheelchair access doors, along with an elevator for our guests with accommodation needs to access the main concourse and the accessible seating area. In addition, reserved parking for guests needing accommodations is offered in Lot 37.

Is there parking on campus for my guests the day of the ceremony?

Yes, visit the University Service Parking & Transportation Services web page parking details.

Are there any restrictions on what my guests can bring into the area such as balloons, bags, and strollers?

Yes, see the 3M at Mariucci Arena Policies & General Procedures for specific details. It is important to note that the camera policy only applies to sporting events. There are no camera restrictions for commencement ceremonies other than no guests are allowed on the main floor during the ceremony.

How long is the ceremony?

Historically the entire ceremony takes approximately 2.5 hours.

In what order do the graduates cross the stage?

Students in the following degree programs are called to the stage in the order noted below, but within each degree, there is no specific order, it is up to the graduates.

Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics 
Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Chemistr
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geosciences
Bachelor of Geoengineering
Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Physics

Which major will I sit with if I will be receiving multiple CSE degrees?

You can sit among the degree program of your choosing and will walk across the stage with that degree. You will only cross the stage once, but your commencement slide displayed on the big screen to guests will note all the CSE degrees being awarded along with collegiate and Latin honors.

Will guests who are unable to attend the ceremony be able to watch it remotely?

Yes, a link to the live webcast will be added to the CSE Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony web page.  A link for the recording of the ceremony will also be added to this web page about a week after the ceremony.

What will guests in attendance, or those watching remotely see and hear as I cross the stage?

Here is an example of what guests in attendance will see on the giant arena monitors. For those remotely viewing it will appear just as it does in this example.

Example of CSE Undergraduate Comment Ceremony held in the 3M Arena at Mariucci

Do I need to wear cap and gown if I participate in the ceremony?

Although we don’t require participants to wear regalia it is strongly encouraged. Regalia and other graduation related items can be purchased through the UMN Bookstores. The Bookstores will also host GradFest in March which will have information on graduation services and products.

Are we allowed to decorate our graduation cap?

Absolutely! Be creative, but keep it family-friendly!

Who will be speaking at the CSE Commencement?

The keynote speaker is Geoff Martha, Chairman and CEO, Medtronic.

The student speaker is Joshua Ichen, Bachelor of Industrial & Systems Engineering.

For more information on both speakers, see our About the commencement speakers web page.

Will there be a professional photographer at the event?

Yes, we use a company named GradImages. The photographers will photograph graduates three times: as they wait to ascend the stage; on stage with the Dean as they are receiving their diploma; and also after descending the stage. The photographers will also take candid photos of graduates as they line up to process into the arena and throughout the duration of the ceremony. 

Visit the GradImages website for more information.

Will the recent protests on campus disrupt the Commencement events?

No. The student coalition has agreed that they will not organize disruptions at upcoming commencements, allowing those activities to continue as planned.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the ceremony?

You can email us at csecommencement@umn.edu, or call us 612-624-2890. You can also stop by our office at 207 Church Street, Lind Hall 105. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Commencement questions?

For questions on commencement-related issues, contact csecommencement@umn.edu.

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