CSE committees

2021-22 CSE Consultative Committee

Name Department
Bill Arnold Faculty, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2024)
Allison Hubel Faculty, Mechanical Engineering (2022)
Christine Berkesch Faculty, Mathematics (2024)
Lucy Fortson Faculty, Physics and Astronomy (2024)
Jim MacDonald P&A, CSE Information Technology (2022)
Russell Holmes Faculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (2024)
Loren Terveen Faculty, Computer Science & Engineering (2024)
Jonathan Sachs Faculty, Biomedical Engineering (2022)
Allison Small Civil Service, Computer Science & Engineering (2023)
Lizzy Crist Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering (2022)
Sanjay Gotur Undergraduate student, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (2022)

2021-22 CSE Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

Name Department
Anar Akhmedov Mathematics
Ray Hozalski Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering
Perry Li Mechanical Engineering
Victor Barocas Biomedical Engineering
Steven Kass Chemistry
Jon Weissman Computer Science & Engineering
Liliya Williams     Physics and Astronomy

2021-22 CSE Honors and Awards Committee

Name Department
Brian Herman Biomedical Engineering
Tom Jones Physics and Astronomy
Paige Novak Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering
Vera Pospelova  Earth and Environmental Sciences
Steven Savitt College of Science and Engineering Alumni Society
Zongxuan Sun Mechanical Engineering
Joe Zasadzinski Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

2021-22 CSE Graduate Education Committee

Name Department
Casim Sarkar Biomedical Engineering
Ryan Elliott Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
James Van de Ven Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Hoye  Chemistry
Stephen Guy Computer Science & Engineering
Jason Loewen Graduate student, Mathematics

2021-22 CSE Graduate Fellowship Committee

Name Department
Xiang Cheng Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Marc Hirschmann Earth and Environmental Sciences
Robert Lysak Physics and Astronomy
Krishnan Mahesh Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

2021-22 Salary Equity Review Committee

Name Department
Priscilla Cushman Physics and Astronomy
Lorraine Francis Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Jim Leger Electrical and Computer Engineering
David Pui Mechanical Engineering