CSE committees

2018-19 CSE Consultative Committee

Name Department
David Blank Faculty from Chemistry
Rhonda Franklin Faculty from Electrical and Computer Engineering
Susan Mantell Faculty from Mechanical Engineering
Gilad Lerman Faculty from Mathematics
Brenda Ogle Faculty from Biomedical Engineering
Susan Jones Faculty from History of Science and Technology
Justin Revenaugh Faculty from Earth Science
Chuck Tomlinson P&A staff member from Chemistry
Ted Huseby Civil Service from Mathematics
Brett Heischmidt Graduate student from Physics and Astronomy
Arunima Bhattacharya Undergraduate student from Computer Science and Engineering

2018-19 CSE Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

Name Department
Edgar Arriaga Chemistry
Paul Crowell Physics and Astronomy
Emad Ebbini Electrical and Computer Engineering
Allison Hubel Mechanical Engineering
Matt Neurock Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Justin Revenaugh Earth Science
Carol Sheild Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering

2018-19 CSE Honors and Awards Committee

Name Department
Dan Dahlberg Physics and Astronomy
Ken Hafften CSE Alumni Society
Ramesh Harjani Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gilad Lerman Mathematics
Ellen Longmire Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Loren Terveen Computer Science and Engineering
Joseph Zasadzinski Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


2018-19 CSE Graduate Education Committee

Name Department
Aditya Bhan Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Demoz Gebre-Egziabher Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Richard McGehee Mathematics
Murti Salapaka Electrical and Computer Engineering
Claudia Scarlata Physics and Astronomy
Tiffany Senkow Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering

2018-19 CSE Graduate Fellowship Committee

Name Department
Krishnan Mahesh Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Kevin Leder Industrial and Systems Engineering
Maria-Carme Calderer Mathematics
Jennifer Alexander Mechanical Engineering