Collegiate awards

George W. Taylor Award for Distinguished Research

Established in 1982, the Taylor Award for Distinguished Research recognizes younger faculty members who have shown outstanding ability in research.

Catherine Qi ZhaoComputer science and engineering2024
Lindsay GlesenerPhysics and astronomy2023
Chris HoganMechanical engineering2023
Chad MyersComputer science and engineering2022
Rafael FernandesPhysics and astronomy2021
Tony LowElectrical and computer engineering2021
Peter BruggemanMechanical engineering2020
Claudia ScarlataPhysics and astronomy2019
Arindam BanerjeeComputer science and engineering2019
Michael McAlpineMechanical engineering2018
Chris KimElectrical and computer engineering2018
Vuk MandicPhysics and astronomy2017
Theresa ReinekeChemistry2016
Tian HeComputer science and engineering2015
Christy HaynesChemistry2014
Chris LeightonChemical engineering and materials science2013
Victor BarocasBiomedical engineering2012
William ArnoldCivil, environmental, and geo-engineering2011
Krishnan MaheshAerospace engineering and mechanics2010
David J. OddeBiomedical engineering2009
Michael TsapatsisChemical engineering and materials science2008
Marc HillmyerChemistry2007
Guillermo Sapiro **Electrical and computer engineering2006
Uwe KortshagenMechanical engineering2005
Zhi-Li ZhangComputer science and engineering2005
John BischofMechanical engineering2004
Georgios GiannakisElectrical and computer engineering2004
Gary Balas †Aerospace engineering and mechanics2003
Graham CandlerAerospace engineering and mechanics2002
Karin Musier-Forsyth**Chemistry2001
Kumar TammaMechanical engineering2001
James LegerElectrical and computer engineering2000
Christopher CramerChemistry1999
William TolmanChemistry1998
Michael Ward **Chemical engineering and materials science1998
Allen Tannenbaum **Electrical and computer engineering1997
Stephen Chou **Electrical and computer engineering1996
R. Lawrence EdwardsEarth sciences1995
Max DonathMechanical engineering1994
Timothy LodgeChemistry1993
Frank BatesChemical engineering and materials science1993
Peter McMurry  *Mechanical engineering1992
Richard JamesAerospace engineering and mechanics1991
Paul Barbara †Chemistry1990
Kenneth HellerPhysics and astronomy1989
Keith OlivePhysics and astronomy1988
Pramod Khargonekar **Electrical and computer engineering1987
John Weaver **Chemical engineering and materials science1986
Roberta HumphreysPhysics and astronomy1985
Joseph KapustaPhysics and astronomy1984
Steven Case †Electrical and computer engineering1983
David Dixon **Chemistry1982

* professor emeritus
**no longer at U of M
† deceased

George W. Taylor Award for Distinguished Service

Established in 1982, the Taylor Award for Distinguished Service recognizes outstanding service to the University and voluntary public service to governmental or other public groups.

Bill ArnoldCivil, environmental, and geo-engineering2024
Alon McCormickChemical engineering and materials science2023
Alena TalkachovaBiomedical engineering2022
Shaul HananyPhysics and astronomy2022
Rhonda FranklinElectrical and computer engineering2021
Lee PennChemistry2020
Lucy FortsonPhysics and astronomy2020
Edgar ArriagaChemistry2019
James KakaliosPhysics and astronomy2018
Bethanie StadlerElectrical and computer engineering2017
David BlankChemistry2016
Wayne GladfelterChemistry2015
Catherine FrenchCivil, environmental, and geo-engineering2014
Christopher CramerChemistry2013
Stephen CampbellElectrical and computer engineering2012
Cynthia CattellPhysics and astronomy2011
Caroline Hayes **Mechanical Engineering2010
Alan E. ShapiroHistory of science and technology2009
Carol K. ShieldCivil, environmental, and geo-engineering2008
James LegerElectrical and computer engineering2008
Max DonathMechanical engineering2007
Douglas ErnieElectrical and computer engineering2006
E. Dan DahlbergPhysics and astronomy2005
Lawrence RudnickPhysics and astronomy2004
Arthur ErdmanMechanical engineering2003
Robert Pepin †Physics and astronomy2002
Charles Campbell *Physics and astronomy2001
Frank KulackiMechanical engineering2001
Sally Gregory KohlstedtEarth and environmental sciences2000
Louis Pignolet *Chemistry2000
Larry KinneyElectrical and computer engineering1999
David PuiMechanical engineering1999
Donald TruhlarChemistry1998
Paul Barbara †Chemistry1997
Marvin MarshakPhysics and astronomy1996
Gordon Beavers *Aerospace engineering and mechanics1995
James Ramsey *Mechanical engineering1994
Patarasp Sethna †Aerospace engineering and mechanics1993
Donald Riley **Mechanical engineering1992
K.S.P. Kumar *Electrical and computer engineering1991
Roger StuewerHistory of science and technology1990
H. Ted Davis †Chemical engineering and materials science1989
Richard GoldsteinMechanical engineering1988
Paul Gassman †Chemistry1987
Thomas WalshPhysics and astronomy1986
Hans Weinberger *Mathematics1985
Harvey Keynes *Mathematics1984
John Clausen †Mechanical engineering1983
John Moran **Aerospace engineering and mechanics1982

* professor emeritus
**no longer at U of M
† deceased

George W. Taylor/CSE Alumni Society Award for Distinguished Teaching

Established in 1982, the Taylor/CSE Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching recognizes outstanding contributions to undergraduate and/or graduate teaching.

Matt JohnsonBiomedical engineering2024
Uwe KortshagenMechanical engineering2023
Jon WeissmanComputer science and engineering2022
Will PomerantzChemistry2021
Michel JanssenPhysics and astronomy2020
Douglas ErnieElectrical and computer engineering2019
Paul CrowellPhysics and astronomy2018
Christopher DouglasChemistry2017
Shaul HananyPhysics and astronomy2016
Ravi JanardanComputer science and engineering2015
Aaron MassariChemistry2014
Joe KonstanComputer science and engineering2013
Ulrike TschirnerBioproducts and biosystems engineering2012
Kenneth HellerPhysics and astronomy2011
Marc HillmyerChemistry2010
Susan C. MantellMechanical engineering2008
James LegerElectrical and computer engineering2007
Serge RudazPhysics and astronomy2006
Stephen CampbellElectrical and computer engineering2005
Mark DistefanoChemistry2004
Louis Pignolet *Chemistry2003
Larry Miller *Chemistry2002
Saif BenjaafarMechanical engineering2001
William DurfeeMechanical engineering2000
Doreen LeopoldChemistry2000
Paul StrykowskiMechanical engineering1999
Ned MohanElectrical and computer engineering1998
Kenneth LeopoldChemistry1997
Kent MannChemistry1996
Russell Hobbie *Physics and astronomy1995
Gary Gray *Chemistry1994
Roger Jones †Physics and astronomy1993
E. Dan DahlbergPhysics and astronomy1992
E. Calvin AlexanderEarth sciences1991
Lawrence RudnickPhysics and astronomy1989
Robert LysakPhysics and astronomy1989
Warren Ibele *Mechanical engineering1988
Edward Cussler *Chemical engineering and materials science1987
Cynthia JaraArchitecture1986
Ephraim SparrowMechanical engineering1985
Walter JohnsonPhysics and astronomy1984
Suhas Patankar *Mechanical engineering1983
Gunter DittmarArchitecture1982

* professor emeritus
**no longer at U of M
† deceased

George W. Taylor Career Development Award

The Career Development Award recognizes exceptional contributions to teaching by a candidate for tenure.

William LeebMathematics2024
Max EngelsteinMathematics2024
Peter KangEarth and environmental sciences2023
Ru-yu LaiMathematics2023
Julianna AbelMechanical Engineering2022
Evan Suma RosenbergComputer Science and Engineering2022
Samira AzarinChemical engineering and materials science2021
Maziar HematiAerospace engineering and mechanics2021
Lauren LindermanCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2020
Lana YaroshComputer science and engineering2020
Christine BerkeschMathematics2019
Cari DutcherMechanical engineering2019
David FlanniganChemical engineering and materials science2018
Rafael FernandesPhysics and astronomy2017
James Van de VenMechanical engineering2016
Gregg MusikerMathematics2015
Christopher DouglasChemistry2014
Thomas E. SchwartzentruberAerospace engineering and mechanics2014
Chad MyersComputer science and engineering2013
Zongxuan SunMechanical engineering2012
Martin SaarEarth sciences2011
Dan Cronin-HennessyPhysics and astronomy2010
R. Lee PennChemistry2009
Demoz Gebre-EgziabherAerospace engineering and mechanics2008
R. Lee PennChemistry2008
Christopher LeightonChemical engineering and materials science2007
Kristopher McNeill **Chemistry2006
Michel JanssenPhysics and astronomy2005
Victor BarocasBiomedical engineering2004
Mohammed-Slim Alouini **Electrical and computer engineering2003
Marc HillmyerChemistry2002
Ivan Marusic **Aerospace engineering and mechanics2002
Joseph KonstanComputer science and engineering1999
Prodromos DaoutidisChemical engineering and materials science1998
Jerome Hajjar **Civil, environmental, and geo-engineering1998
Mark Person **Earth sciences1997
Victor ReinerMathematics1997
John Riedl †Computer science and engineering1996
Yiyuan Zhao **Aerospace engineering and mechanics1996
William TolmanChemistry1994
Paul StrykowskiMechanical engineering1993
Ahmed Tewfik **Electrical and computer engineering1992

**no longer at U of M † deceased

Charles E. Bowers Faculty Teaching Award

Established in 2000 by alumnus John Bowers (Physics '76) in honor of his father, Professor Emeritus Charles E. Bowers, this award recognizes an outstanding CSE professor who has demonstrated exceptional interest and commitment to teaching.

Julianna AbelMechanical engineering2024
Dan KnightsComputer science and engineering2023
Keshab ParhiElectrical and computer engineering2022
Daniel KeefeComputer science and engineering2021
James Van de VenMechanical engineering2020
Catherine FrenchCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2019
Stephen GuyComputer science and engineering2018
Eric Van WykComputer science and engineering2017
Bruce WilsonBioproducts and biosystems engineering2016
Zongxuan SunMechanical engineering2015
Julian Marshall ***Civil, environmental, and geo-engineering2014
Gerald SobelmanElectrical and computer engineering2013
William TolmanChemistry2012
Yiannis KaznessisChemical engineering and materials science2010
Jonathan ChaplinBioproducts and biosystems engineering2009
David A. BlankChemistry2008
Wei-Chung Hsu **Computer science and Engineering2007
Wayland Noland *Chemistry2006
Randal BarnesCivil, environmental, and geo-engineering2005
John Dickey *Physics and astronomy2004
James KakaliosPhysics and astronomy2003
Thomas ChaseMechanical engineering2002
Jerome Hajjar **Civil, environmental, and geo-engineering2001
Paul StrykowskiMechanical engineering2000

* professor emeritus
**no longer at U of M
***adjunct professor

John Bowers Excellence in Teaching Assistance Award

Established in 2003 by alumnus John Bowers (Physics '76), this award honors an outstanding teaching assistant who has demonstrated exceptional interest and commitment to the teaching of CSE students.

Virginia GaliPhysics and astronomy2024
Eric JohnsonMechanical engineering2023
McCleary PhilbinMathematics2022
Kang KangIndustrial and systems engineering2021
Dustin StudelskaHistory of science, technology, and medicine2020
Sivaraman RajaganapathyElectrical and computer engineering2020
Morgan MonzEarth sciences2019
Kate JensenComputer science and engineering2018
Taha NamaziCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2017
Sarah WegwerthChemistry2016
Tuoqi LiChemical engineering and materials science2015
Brittany ForkusChemical engineering and materials science2014
Sarah OffuttBiomedical engineering2013
Chris ValleyBiomedical engineering2013
Kyle ZakrzewskiAerospace engineering and mechanics2012
Jered BrightMathematics2011
Neema RastgarChemical engineering and materials science2010
Andrew S. ExleyComputer science and engineering2009
Alex MillerMathematics2008
Alexander HanhartMathematics2007
Mohac TekmenPhysics and astronomy2006
Ching Ning (Eric) HuangChemical engineering and materials science2005
Meghan KearneyMechanical engineering2004
Todd WittmanMathematics2003


Guillermo E. Borja Award

The Guillermo E. Borja award is given to promising young faculty members of the College of Science and Engineering in recognition of their research and scholarly accomplishments during their probationary period as assistant professors. The award comes with $3500 to use for scholarly and research activities.

Qi ZhangChemical engineering and materials science2024
Patrick KellyPhysics and astronomy2023
Hyun Soo ParkComputer science and engineering2022
Jeff CalderMathematics2021
Mehmet AkçakayaElectrical and computer engineering2020
Renee FrontieraChemistry2019
William PomerantzChemistry2018
Benjamin HackelChemical engineering and materials science2017
Jake BaileyEarth sciences2016
Mo LiElectrical and computer engineering2015
Dan KeefeComputer science and engineering2014
Anar AkhmedovMathematics2013
Kevin DorfmanChemical engineering and materials science2013
Nihar Jindal **Electrical and computer engineering2010
Stergios RoumeliotisComputer science and engineering2009
Ezra Miller **Mathematics2007
Krishnan MaheshAerospace engineering and mechanics2005

** no longer at U of M