Dan Cronin-Hennessy

Man with cool sunglasses

Dan Cronin-Hennessy

Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy


Physics And Nanotechnology Building
Room 415
115 Union St. Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Ph.D., Duke University, 1997 

M.S., Duke University, 1993 

B.S., Boston College, 1990 

Selected Publications

  1. Acero, M.A. et. al (NOvA Collaboration) Measurement of neutrino-induced neutral-current coherent π0 production in the NOvA near detector
    (2020) Physical Review D, 102 (1), art. no. 012004

  2. Adamson, P. et. al (MINOS+ Collaboration) Search for Sterile Neutrinos in MINOS and MINOS+ Using a Two-Detector Fit
    (2019) Physical Review Letters, 122 (9), art. no. 091803 

  3. Acero, M.A. et. al, New constraints on oscillation parameters from νe appearance and νμ disappearance in the NOvA experiment (2018) Physical Review D, 98 (3), art. no. 032012

  4. Wang, Y.D. et. al Determination of the number of ψ(3686) events at BESIII (2018) Chinese Physics C, 42 (2), art. no. 023001

  5. Adamson, P. et. al (NOvA Collaboration) Search for active-sterile neutrino mixing using neutral-current interactions in NOvA (2017) Physical Review D, 96 (7), art. no. 072006

  6. Adamson, P. et. al (NOvA Collaboration) Constraints on Oscillation Parameters from νe Appearance and νμ Disappearance in NOvA (2017) Physical Review Letters, 118 (23), art. no. 231801

  7. Adamson, P. et. al (NOvA Collaboration) Measurement of the Neutrino Mixing Angle θ23 in NOvA (2017) Physical Review Letters, 118 (15), art. no. 151802

  8. Adamson, P. et. al (MINOS+ Collaboration) Search for flavor-changing nonstandard neutrino interactions using νe appearance in MINOS
    (2017) Physical Review D, 95 (1), art. no. 012005