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 A degree in physics prepares students for a wide variety of careers. About half of all physics bachelor's degree recipients go on to graduate school in physics or other STEM fields and half directly enter the workforce. Our Careers Program prepares students for a variety of careers and provides resources to help you along your path.


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Paul Kelley, B.S. in Physics from the University of Minnesota

Program Manager - Hardware Technologies at Apple


Paul Kelley
Paul decided to major in physics because he wanted to understand how things worked, and expected that the concepts being taught would provide the explanations. After graduation, he got a job at 3M measuring the optical properties of components for consumer electronics. Later he worked as an application engineer.


"It seems strange to say but getting my first job wasn't that hard. I was lucky to have some connections with friends at 3M, which has many other physics majors in various divisions. In 2009, I moved to CA to work for Apple, contributing to the iPod, iPhone and Apple Watch projects."


Paul excelled in some physics classes like Quantum Mechanics, but others like Thermodynamics he found difficult; he wasn't a 'straight A' student.