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Light from supernova
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Kelly leads study of Red-supergiant supernova images

Posted November 9, 2022

School of Physics and Astronomy Professor Patrick Kelly led a team that has measured the size of a star dating back more than 11 billion years ago using images that show the evolution of the star exploding and cooling. The research could help scientists learn more about the early Universe.

Sauviz Alaei
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Alaei named Apker Finalist

Posted November 8, 2022

Sauviz Alaei, B.S. Physics, 22 was named a 2022 Leroy Apker Award Finalist by the American Physical Society. The LeRoy Apker Award recognizes outstanding achievements in physics by undergraduate students, and provides encouragement to students who have demonstrated great potential for future scientific accomplishment. 

Vlad Pribiag
Research News

Pribiag group creates first few-mode multi-terminal Josephson junction

Posted October 27, 2022

Professor Vlad Pribiag from the School of Physics and Astronomy led a group effort that has experimentally realized a long-theorized few-mode multi-terminal Josephson junction.

Marie Lopez del Puerto
Alumni Profiles

Lopez Del Puerto wins Excellence in Physics Education Award

Posted October 24, 2022

Marie Lopez del Puerto, (Physics PhD, ‘08), currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, was a recent recipient of the American Physical Society Excellence in Physics Education Award. Lopez Del Puerto was cited for her work with the Partnership for Integrating Computation into Undergraduate Physics (PICUP), a group of faculty members from institutions across the United States whose state goal is to lower the barriers for faculty to integrate computation into their courses.

Maxim Pospelov

Pospelov named APS Fellow

Posted October 20, 2022

Maxim Pospelov, Professor of the School of Physics and Astronomy, has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Anatoly Larkin

2022 Larkin Awards announced

Posted October 10, 2022

The inaugural Fine Theoretical Physics Institute Larkin Awards have been announced.

TURBO telescope

Kelly receives $1 million grant to build superfast ‘TURBO’ telescopes

Posted October 6, 2022

A team led by School of Physics and Astronomy Assistant Professor, Patrick Kelly, is constructing two sets of telescopes that will open a new window into the collisions of neutron stars and black holes.

Ben Messerly

Messerly wins Postdoc Award

Posted September 14, 2022

Dr. Ben Messerly, postdoctoral researcher in the School of Physics and Astronomy, won a 2022 UMN Postdoc Award for Teaching and Mentoring.

Alexander McLeod

McLeod receives Young Scientist Prize

Posted August 19, 2022

Assistant Professor Alex McLeod of the School of Physics and Astronomy has received the 2022 International Union of Pure and Applied Sciences Young Scientist Prize.

Ali Sulaiman
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Ringleader: New faculty member is expert in planetary physics

Posted July 25, 2022

This fall, the School will welcome Ali Sulaiman to the space physics group.