CSE Performance Management Process

A strong performance management practice is an important part of recruiting, retaining, and engaging talent, as well as meeting the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) strategic goals. CSE uses a simple performance management process for staff. The performance management process begins with goal setting and ends with an annual review.

This process and Performance Appraisal Tool (PAT) is required for all CSE Civil Service reviews, and CSE strongly encourages its use for Bargaining Unit and P&A employee groups. The 2021-22 review cycle covers the period from March 1, 2021 through Feb. 28, 2022.

How it works

What makes this simplified performance management practice different from the previous performance management practice is the emphasis on the regular check-in conversations between supervisors and their staff to discuss development and offer feedback. These conversations are key to driving performance, developing skills and abilities, and building relationships.

At the end of the performance year employees and supervisors will each have an opportunity to provide a brief summary of the employee's development conversations from the year in the PAT. Then the supervisor will evaluate staff performance using a three-point scale.

Performance Appraisal Tool (PAT)

CSE has adopted the University's Performance Appraisal Tool (PAT), a secure online performance evaluation tool that supports supervisors and staff in a simplified and meaningful performance management process. PAT is essentially a hub for goals, notes from check-in conversations, and the performance evaluation forms. 

Resources for employees and supervisors

Do you want to create or revise goals to continue advancing your top priorities?

Do you want to engage in meaningful conversations to enable high-quality performance and goal progress?

Do you want to give effective feedback to enhance performance and accelerate development?

Do you need to have a conversation to provide some difficult performance feedback?