Giving priorities

Unleash potential

Student support—your gifts to scholarships and fellowships will unleash the potential of CSE students, now and for generations to come. Learn more at the CSE student support web page.

Create unlimited possibilities

Faculty support—your gifts to chairs and professorships will expand this college's culture of unlimited possibilities, as we continue to invest in top faculty. Learn more on the CSE faculty support web page.

Support innovation

Facilities and infrastructure—your gifts will ensure that we foster the highest levels of academics and research discoveries. Help us fund capital projects and building renovations or updates to meet the growing demand for classrooms and labs. Learn more on the CSE facilities and infrastructure web page.

Fuel our promise to the future

Outreach initiatives—your gifts will inspire today's young people to become tomorrow's STEM leaders. We offer summer camps and popular events such as Physics Force and Energy and U, as well as enrichment efforts in K-12 schools across the Twin Cities, including targeted programs for parents and girls. Learn more on the CSE outreach initiatives web page.

Empower future experts

Experiential learning—your gifts will empower more students with the expertise they need for life after graduation. Help us create and sustain internships, mentorships, and co-ops; student research projects with faculty; study abroad opportunities; and other student leadership opportunities outside the classroom. Learn more on the CSE experiential learning web page.