Faculty support

Invest in exceptional teaching and grand challenges research

In the classroom and the laboratory, College of Science and Engineering (CSE) researchers are outstanding educators who engage with undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of academic excellence. After mastering rigorous basic sciences, students move into specialized study in specific disciplines. With their professors, students are immersed in the fields of nanotechnology, fluid dynamics, medical devices, renewable energy, sustainable polymers, and more.

CSE faculty are at the forefront of solving global grand challenges. From biomedical researchers developing living tissue and replacing diseased heart valves to computer engineers analyzing the impact of climate change to earth sciences research into protecting endangered species, our experts are discovering solutions to the world’s most pressing issues, at home and abroad.

Gifts to faculty will strengthen our capacity for life-changing research, and inspire more students to strive for academic excellence. Learn more on the establishing a CSE chair or professorship web page.

Why support faculty

Your gifts to faculty:

  • Establish more endowed chairs and professorships to attract top faculty, reward junior faculty, and support exceptional research and teaching.
  • Fund leading-edge research that tackles grand challenges

To learn how your gifts impact faculty, visit the impact on faculty web page.