CSE K-12 Virtual Classroom Resources

Educators are invited to complement their curriculum with the College of Science and Engineering’s virtual guest speakers, hands-on activities, videos, and more!

Virtual guest speakers

College faculty, staff, and students are available to speak virtually with school groups and youth organizations.  Learn more and request a virtual guest speaker by completing the CSE Virtual Guest Speaker Request Form.

Hands-on activities

Download lesson plans for hands-on classroom activities.

Lesson Plans

Learning Objective(s)

The Case of the Missing Cookie Recipe

Participants identify an unknown substance through observation of physical and chemical changes. (MN State Science Standards,, and

Make It and Break It
(Center for Sustainable Polymers)

Participants prepare bioplastics from common plant starches and explore the effects of natural additives on their mechanical properties with a tensile test (MN State Science Standards and 9E.
Photolithography Patterning Lab
(Minnesota Nano Center)

Participants use photolithography to replicate a pattern representing an integrated circuit component on the wafer surface and then study how exposure and development processes affect the quality of the pattern Replication (MN State Science Standards 9C. and 9C.

If you are unable to download the lesson plans, please contact CSEoutreach@umn.edu to request alternate access.


Connect your curriculum to the college experience and research through short videos.

  • Student Voices - Hear from CSE students about their experiences in the college. (YouTube playlist; average duration 1:30 minutes)
  • Why I Chose My Major…  - Find out more about the majors within CSE and which ones may interest you (YouTube playlist; average duration 2:00 minutes)
  • Research Spotlight - Research comes to life in these videos (YouTube playlist; average duration 2:00 minutes)

Interactive activities and other resources

Enrich your curriculum through other resources available online.

  • Professors are People Too—This podcast series on Spotify, hosted by undergraduate students, invites College of Science and Engineering professors to discuss topics ranging from their pathway into academia to their hobbies and interests.
  • Virtual Egg Carton of Minnesota Rocks (Minnesota Geological Survey)This interactive slide presentation allows participants to select and learn about a dozen Minnesota rock types.
  • Gridlock Buster (Center for Transportation Studies)—This online traffic control game is based on tools and ideas that actual traffic control engineers use in their everyday work.
  • Online Open-source Textbooks