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Welcome to MathCEP

Algebra Qualifying Exam Registration

The University of Minnesota has come together in a systemwide effort to confront the challenges posed by COVID-19.  In keeping with announcements from the University president, we have postponed the UMTYMP Entrance Exams until further notice.  We are continuing to take the health, safety, and well-being of our faculty, staff, and all students -- both current and prospective -- into account. 

If you would like updates about when we will be able to reschedule our Spring 2020 UMTYMP Entrance Exams, please fill out this Google Form, and we will send you an email with the date once we know it, as well as any pertinent logistical details.    Thank you for your interest in UMTYMP!

MathCEP wins Award

Our faculty and staff are grateful to receive the 2018 AMS Award for an Exemplary Program.  Read the citation and article for more details.

Keynes and Rogness at AMS
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Current and founding UMTYMP Directors, Jonathan Rogness and Harvey Keynes, with the  award certificate from the AMS.

Information about UMTYMP Calculus

Math Analysis students and families recently had a chance to talk to Prof. Rogness about the differences between UMTYMP Calculus and other options.  If you weren't able to attend, or would like more details, you can download an expanded version of the information from the meeting (Updated 4/19/20)

MathCEP has Expanded

MathCEP has traditionally been very active in programs for K-12 students and teachers.  To support these programs, MathCEP has hired postdocs with a teaching emphasis, and worked closely with the department's MS in Math/MathEd program.  At the same time, faculty members such as Mike Weimerskirch and Duane Nykamp have been revamping the department's undergraduate courses in algebra, precalculus and calculus for biology students, often working on the same kinds of projects that UMTYMP faculty were involved in.  Thus MathCEP was expanded this year to to create one umbrella organization in the department that can serve the college, state and region as a leader in mathematics education.  We welcome the following people to the center:

  • Mike Weimerskirch, Director of Educational Innovation
  • Duane Nykamp, Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Kevin Charles, Academic Technology Developer

Undergraduate Math Journal

Many UMTYMP students and alumni work on research projects as undergraduates, or even while still in high school. MathCEP has collaborated with the Math Department and the Institute for Math and its Applications to create a new journal where undergraduates around the country can publish their work: the Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics.

UMTYMP Handbook

The UMTYMP handbook is now available on a series of webpages, instead of one large PDF.  You can access the handbook with the following link.


Current students:  Access schedules, links to Canvas and Webwork, information about letters of recommendation, report absences, schedule makeup exams, and more with the following link.

MathCEP Twin Cities Calendar

Make a Gift to MathCEP/UMTYMP

At a time when there is a “quiet crisis” in the lack of challenging curriculum and substantial opportunities for many talented students, MathCEP and UMTYMP are still providing Minnesota’s top young math students with not only an excellent education, but a wide-variety of opportunities for expanding their interest in and understanding of mathematics, science and engineering.