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Welcome to MathCEP

COVID-19 Update (2/24/21)

The University of Minnesota has united in a systemwide effort to confront the challenges posed by COVID-19.  As with the Fall 2020 semester, every mathematics class on the Twin Cities campus during the Spring 2021 semester will be online, and MathCEP's programs will follow suit.

UMTYMP: All UMTYMP classes are online for the entire spring semester.  We are following the same online course structure as the Fall 2020 courses, with some small changes to schedule during the 4-6pm class time.  These changes were emailed to students and families during winter break.

UMTYMP Entrance Exams: We are confident that we will hold qualifying exams summer for students who want to join UMTYMP in Fall 2021.  Our strong preference is to hold in-person exams, which would be incredibly difficult with the current restrictions on our campus.  We anticipate that many of these restrictions will be eased in the coming months, but are waiting for guidance from the state and the University.  As of today: we do not anticipate any exams before May, and the process may stretch into the summer.  There is currently no specific schedule or registration form available; however, if you would like to receive information when it is available, you can add your name to this Google form.  We thank you for your continued patience as we continue to evaluate the safest and most effective ways to hold these exams.

Enrichment: Since we are working diligently to use our resources to ensure that we are fully supporting our UMTYMP students during this difficult time (as well as planning how to give a safe, fair, and well-executed set of Qualifying Exams!), MathCEP will, unfortunately, not be able to hold Saturday Morning Math Enrichment programs this spring as we had hoped.  If you would like to be informed when we have more information about when they will restart in the Fall of 2021, please sign up using this form.


Look here for quick links for UMTYMP students and families.  Current students can use the portal to find links to course websites and other information.  Prospective students and families can read more about UMTYMP or how to join us. Please keep in mind that COVID-19 is causing many changes in our qualifying exam process, so the schedule and some of the information on our How to Join UMTYMP page will not apply this year  (See the "COVID-19 Update" above.)

Programs for Students

Students learning spherical geometry

Interested in math?  Want to learn more?  MathCEP has a program for you! 

We do everything from short, one-time events to show students how awesome math is, all the way to UMTYMP, a five-year premiere program which lets you take your mathematics classes at the University of Minnesota. Check out our academic year and summer programs!

Programs for Teachers

Carraig Hegi Teaching

MathCEP's programs for teachers vary each year according to funding and interest.  Check our website for updates, or email if you'd like to be included on our mailing list for information about upcoming programs. 

In 2020 there has been a particular emphasis on meeting with K12 teachers to talk about their needs in this new and unexpected era of online teaching, facilitating the exchange of ideas between teachers, and discussing what resources the University can provide, including video textbooks for Algebra and Trigonometry.

The Distributed Open Education Network (Doenet)

Doenet Logo

MathCEP is involved in developing the Distributed Open Education Network (Doenet) in collaboration with the Ohio State University and Ithaca College.

Not only will the Doenet platform make it easy to author and share interactive educational content, it will also be an educational research tool. By measuring and sharing student interactions with web pages and storing anonymized data in an open distributed data warehouse, it will help learners and instructors find the most effective content based on research results.


MathCEP Blog - News, Puzzles, and Mathematical Thoughts

Check out the MathCEP blog, The Sum of our Knowledge, for news, mathematical puzzles, and other updates.  Follow MathCEP on Twitter for updates.  Recent posts include:


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At a time when there is a “quiet crisis” in the lack of challenging curriculum and substantial opportunities for many talented students, MathCEP and UMTYMP are still providing Minnesota’s top young math students with not only an excellent education, but a wide-variety of opportunities for expanding their interest in and understanding of mathematics, science and engineering.