Programs for Students

MathCEP offers a variety of enrichment and outreach programs for students throughout the academic year and summer.


The University of Minnesota Talented Youth in Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) is one of the nation's premier accelerated mathematics programs for students in middle school and high school.  See our About UMTYMP page for more details.

Enrichment Programs

MathCEP offers enrichment programs that provide students with opportunities to learn and enjoy mathematics. The primary objective is to offer innovative activities focused on a variety of mathematics topics that take students further than a standard school curriculum. 

Programs introduce students to the mathematics community and the role the subject plays in society. Students participate in interactive activities, conduct hands-on experiments, and work closely with outstanding instructors and University student mentors. 

Although students are challenged intellectually during these activities, the focus is on exploration, allowing students to spend time with others who are interested in math and science and who enjoy challenges.

Academic Year Programs for 2020-2021

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