The University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP, pronounced "um-tee-ump") has been one of the nation's premier accelerated programs for students who are highly talented in mathematics over the last forty years. UMTYMP is unique in terms of the number of students, length of the program, scope of the curriculum, and the number of University of Minnesota credits granted to students in middle school and high school.

Students spend up to five years taking UMTYMP courses on the University campus. Students currently in grades 5-7 take the UMTYMP Algebra Qualifying Exam in the spring to qualify for fall enrollment. Occasionally, students in grades 7-9 who are not enrolled in the UMTYMP High School component are able to test directly into the Calculus component, provided they have met the prerequisite courses.

Upon enrollment, UMTYMP students spent the first two years of the program working though all four years of the "traditional" high school curriculum: Algebra, Geometry, and Math Analysis (PreCalculus). This is a fast-paced component taught by excellent secondary teachers from throughout the metro area that satisfy high school graduation requirements. In the final three years, students earn up to 12 University credits in a sequence of Calculus courses, emphasizing problem solving, collaboration, and communication of mathematics.

Students who complete the entire UMTYMP sequence typically move on to take advanced undergraduate level courses at the University or another college. UMTYMP alumni still in high school can also take UMTYMP Advanced Topics courses with other UMTYMP graduates; these are typically offered once per year.