UMTYMP Schedules

We are in the process of updating and posting calendars for 2024-2025.

PDFs of schedules for each class at our different sites are posted below. Please note that the spring semester UMTYMP courses begin in January before the regular University semester.  Greater Minnesota Algebra classes will use the same dates and times as the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities 2024-25 Schedules 

Last updated 06/11/2024

Rochester Calculus 2024-25 Schedules

Last updated 06/11/2024

Previous Schedules (All Sites)

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2023-24 UMTYMP Schedules

Twin Cities 2023-24 Schedules 

Originally updated 6/6/23.  Updated on 7/21/23 to include Advanced Topics and a Tuesday Calculus 3 section, which is likely to run this year; we'll notify students of their assigned class days by the beginning of August.

Rochester 2023-24 Schedules

Last updated 12/15/23 with room and schedule changes for the spring semester.

2022-23 UMTYMP Schedules

Twin Cities 2022-23 Schedules (Updated 6/8/22)

Rochester 2022-23 Schedules (Updated 8/19/22.  Precalculus schedule updated 12/22/2022.)

Duluth 2022-23 Schedules

2021-22 UMTYMP Schedules

Twin Cities 2021-22 Schedules (Updated 8/12/21)

Rochester 2021-22 Schedules (Updated 8/12/21)

Duluth 2021-22 Schedules (Updated 8/18/21)