Academic Year Programs

MathCEP offers a variety of award-winning enrichment and outreach programs for students throughout the academic year and summer.


The University of Minnesota Talented Youth in Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) is one of the nation's premier accelerated mathematics programs for students in middle school and high school.  See our About UMTYMP page for more details.

Saturday Morning Math!

We're excited to announce that our Saturday Morning Enrichment Programs will resume in 2021-22, with four events scheduled from December 2021 through March 2022.  See the Saturday Morning Math page for schedules, topics, and registration information.

MathCEP has decades of experience in making complex mathematical ideas accessible to students of all ages.  We focus on topics that fall outside of the traditional school curriculum, and introduce students to the beauty and power of mathematics.  Recent sessions include:

  • Spherical Journeys: Learn how geometry changes when you live on a sphere!
  • Origami: Visualize geometric concepts by creating geometric shapes via paper-folding.
  • Cryptology: How does mathematics keep our data secure?
  • Math with Soapy Water: Bubbles and soap film can solve tricky math problems!
  • Over the River and Through the Woods: How does Google Maps find a route from your starting point to your destination?

Students participate in interactive activities, conduct hands-on experiments, and work closely with outstanding instructors and University student mentors. 

Our Saturday Morning Math programs take place on the University of Minnesota Campus.

MathCEP Students 3
MathCEP Students 2