Honors advising

Applying for the Honors Program

Everyone who applies as a freshman to the University of Minnesota is carefully reviewed for admission to the University Honors Program. Current students may apply for admission to the University Honors Program for the following academic year. Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.5, a strong interest in becoming involved with research, and the ability to complete at least 60 credits after entering the program.

Meeting with your advisor

In the University Honors Program, you will work closely with an honors academic advisor to select courses that meet the requirements of both the program and the College of Science and Engineering. You keep the same honors advisor throughout your undergraduate program. After admission into your major, you will also work with your department’s faculty honors representative to plan for graduation with Latin honors.

Course planning

There are honors versions of many core courses in the College of Science and Engineering, including physics, mathematics, and chemistry. These courses have small class sizes and are taught by distinguished faculty members. Your academic advisor will show you how honors courses substitute for usual courses in the College of Science and Engineering's four-year plans.

Academic support

The University Honors Program offers tutoring in the areas of chemistry, math, and physics and arranges study groups for select honors courses.