University-wide awards for teaching, advising and service

Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education

Each year the University recognizes a select group of faculty members nominated by their colleges for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. Recipients are honored for their performance as teachers and advisors; the relationship of their research and artistic activities to undergraduate education; academic program development; and educational leadership.

Randal BarnesCivil, Environmental and Geo- Engineering2024
William PomerantzChemistry2024
David OrserElectrical and computer engineering2022
Lana YaroshComputer science and engineering2021
Casim SarkarBiomedical engineering2021
Shaul HananyPhysics and astronomy2020
Chris LeightonChemical engineering and materials science2020
Justin RevenaughEarth and environmental sciences2020
Catherine FrenchCivil, environmental and geo- engineering2019
Daniel KeefeComputer science and engineering2019
Lisa MillerIndustrial and systems engineering2019
David FoxEarth sciences2018
Michelle DriessenChemistry2017
Douglas ErnieElectrical and computer engineering2016
Russell HolmesChemical engineering and materials science2016
Frank M. KelsoMechanical engineering2015
R. Lee PennChemistry2015
Lorraine FrancisChemical engineering and materials science2014
Paul ImbertsonElectrical and computer engineering2014
Jane WissingerChemistry2014
Christopher DovolisComputer science and engineering2013
Serge RudazPhysics and astronomy2012
Ulrike TschimerBioproducts and biosystems engineering2012
Christopher CramerChemistry2011
Susan MantellMechanical engineering2011
David BlankChemistry2010
Kent KirkbyEarth sciences2010
Doreen G. LeopoldChemistry2009
James H. Stout *Earth sciences2009
Kristopher McNeill **Chemistry2008
Terry JonesPhysics and astronomy2008
James R. LegerElectrical and computer engineering2007
Ned MohanElectrical and computer engineering2007
Thomas HoyeChemistry2007
Mark DistefanoChemistry2006
Kenneth LeopoldChemistry2005
Thomas ChaseMechanical engineering2003
Kent MannChemistry2003
William DurfeeMechanical engineering2001
Robert Pepin †Physics and astronomy2000
Paul StrykowskiMechanical engineering2000
Karl Smith *Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering1999
Lawrence RudnickPhysics and astronomy1998
E. Calvin Alexander, Jr.*Earth sciences1997
Kenneth HellerPhysics and astronomy1997
Gary Gray *Chemistry1996
Patrick Starr *Mechanical engineering1996
Roger Jones †Physics and astronomy1995
Marvin MarshakPhysics and astronomy1994
Christopher PaolaEarth sciences1994

* professor emeritus ** no longer at the University † deceased

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education

Established in 1999, this University-wide award recognizes outstanding contributions to postbaccalaureate, graduate, and/or professional education. Recipients are honored for their performance as teachers, advisors, and mentors; their development of instructional programs; and/or their inclusion of students in research, scholarship, and professional development.

Chad MyersComputer Science and Engineering2024
James Van de VenMechanical Engineering2024
Donna WhitneyEarth and environmental sciences2023
Gerald SobelmanElectrical and computer engineering2023
Nikos PapanikolopoulosComputer science and engineering2022
Joseph KapustaPhysics and astronomy2020
Don TruhlarChemistry2020
Daniel BoleyComputer science and engineering2019
Victor BarocasBiomedical engineering2018
E. Dan DahlbergPhysics and astronomy2018
Chris PaolaEarth sciences2018
Eray AydilChemical engineering and materials science2017
Maria GiniComputer science and engineering2016
Randall VictoraElectrical and computer engineering2016
Philippe BuhlmannChemistry2015
David L. KohlstedtPhysics and astronomy2015
Shashi ShekharComputer science and engineering2015
Ned MohanElectrical and computer engineering2014
Marc HillmyerChemistry2014
Keshab ParhiElectrical and computer engineering2013
Allen GoldmanPhysics and astronomy2012
Timothy LodgeChemical engineering and materials science2012
Joseph KonstanComputer science and engineering2010
Massoud AminElectrical and computer engineering2008
Christopher CramerChemistry2005
Mats HeimdahlComputer science and engineering2004
Christian TeyssierEarth sciences2003
Peter CarrChemistry2002
Heinz Stefan *Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering2001
Lawrence Que, Jr.Chemistry2000
Thomas HoyeChemistry1999
Ephraim SparrowMechanical engineering1999

* professor emeritus

John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

The John Tate Awards serve to recognize and reward high-quality academic advising. The award is named in honor of John Tate, professor of physics and first dean of University College (1930-41). By highlighting examples of outstanding advising, the Tate Award identifies professional models and celebrate the role that academic advising plays in the University's educational mission.

Kacey GregersonChemical engineering and materials science2021
Rhonda FranklinElectrical and computer engineering2017
Chris LeightonChemical engineering and materials science2015
Kyle DukartElectrical and computer engineering2014
James LegerElectrical and computer engineering2010
Randal BarnesCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2008
Alon McCormickChemical engineering and materials science2006
Ann PinelesOffice of Lower Division Programs2004
Jane DavidsonMechanical engineering2000
Marvin MarshakPhysics and astronomy1996
Christopher PaolaEarth sciences1994

President's Award for Outstanding Service

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes faculty, staff, or University-affiliated community members who have devoted their time and talents to making substantial contributions to the external community and to improving public life and the well-being of society. These efforts result in long-term and lasting changes for the public good and demonstrate an unusual commitment to University and the greater community.

Philippe BuhlmannChemistry2024
David PapponeOffice of the Dean2024
Joe KonstanComputer science and engineering2022
Chuck TomlinsonChemistry2022
Peter NessCSE Research Shop2020
Maria GiniComputer science and engineering2019
Sharon KresslerEarth sciences2018
James MullinSt. Anthony Falls Laboratory2016
James McDonaldOffice of the Dean2016
David BlankChemistry2016
Kim R. DockterOffice of the Dean2015
Willard Miller Jr. *Mathematics2015
Joseph FranekChemistry2014
Peter Hudleston *Earth sciences2014
Jerry MeierPhysics and astronomy2014
Sharon EmdeMaterials Research Sciences Science and Engineering Center2013
Stanley BonnemaChemistry2012
Susan KubitschekOffice of CSE Student Services2012
William MillerNuMI Off-Axis Electron Neutrino Appearance (NOvA) Laboratory2012
William DurfeeMechanical engineering2011
Caroline Hayes **Mechanical engineering2010
Karen Wolterstorff *Office of the Dean2010
Arthur ErdmanMechanical engineering2009
Marvin Stein †Computer science and engineering2009
Benjamin SharpeOffice of Academic Advising2009
Lawrence RudnickPhysics and astronomy2005
Sally Gregory KohlstedtEarth sciences2004
V. Rama Murthy †Earth sciences2001

† deceased * retired ** no longer at the University

Distinguished Women Scholars Award

Issued jointly by the University of Minnesota Graduate School and the Office for University Women, this award was established in 2001 to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of distinguished women scholars at the University. It is issued to two individuals each year, one being from the field of Science and Engineering. Recipients for the award are selected based on:

  • Impact on the field
  • National and international scholarly reputation
  • Distinction in undergraduate and graduate education
  • Contributions to the university, profession and the wider community
Ellen LongmireAerospace engineering and mechanics2007
Jane DavidsonMechanical engineering2005
Karin Musier-Forsyth**Chemistry2004
Maria GiniComputer science and engineering2001

** no longer at the University of Minnesota

Mullen/Spector/Truax Women's Leadership Awards

Established in 1997, the Mullen-Spector-Truax Women's Leadership Award is given annually to a faculty or staff woman at the University who has made outstanding contributions to women's leadership development. This award honors women, not only for their own leadership qualities, but also for their efforts to develop leadership within others.

Brenda OgleBiomedical engineering2016
Cynthia CattellPhysics and astronomy2015
Maria GiniComputer science and engineering2011
Caroline Hayes **Mechanical engineering2010
Roberta HumphreysPhysics and astronomy2008
Sally Gregory KohlstedtEarth sciences2002

** no longer at the University of Minnesota

Sara Evans Faculty Woman/Scholar Award

This award recognizes women faculty at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities who have achieved significant national and international accomplishments and honors and who contribute as leaders on campus. In addition to supporting outstanding women scholars, this award also reflects the University’s strong commitment to future leaders. This award is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs, and the Women’s Center.

Theresa ReinekeChemistry2016
Christy HaynesChemistry2015
Rhonda FranklinElectrical and computer engineering2014
Paige NovakCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2013


Community-Engaged Scholar Award

The University of Minnesota President's Community-Engaged Scholar Award recognizes faculty and/or P&A staff who have demonstrated longstanding academic careers that embody the University of Minnesota’s definition of public engagement.

Gene-Hua Crystal NgEarth and environmental sciences2021
Diana DalbottenSt. Anthony Falls Laboratory2020
Diana DalbottenSt. Anthony Falls Laboratory2018
Lucy FortsonPhysics and astronomy2016