Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Distinguished Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Industrial and Systems Engineering


B.S., Discrete Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998
Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002

Professional Background

University of Minnesota: 2002-2006, 2013-present

Teaching Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2018-present
Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2013-2018
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2003-2006
Postdoctoral Associate, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, 2002-2003

Target Corporation: 2007-2012

Manager, Optimization and Business Intelligence 2009-2012
Analyst: 2007-2009

Scientific Societies

Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers, Americal Society for Engineering Education, American Society for Quality

Scientific & Professional Societies

Institute of Industrial and Systems EngineersAmerican Society for Engineering Education


Lisa Miller is a Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.  

Prof. Miller earned her PhD from Georgia Tech in 2002.  She began her career as an IMA postdoctoral associate at U of M, and then moved into an Assistant Professor position.  In 2007, she began a six-year tenure as an optimization analyst and analytics manager at Target Corporation.

In 2013, she returned to the Department of ISyE as director of the Department’s newly launched undergraduate program.  In this role, she advises and teaches over 200 students each year, establishes relationships with local companies to sponsor Senior Design projects, develops innovative curricular improvements, and collaborates with faculty across campus to improve the undergraduate offerings at U of M.

Research Interests

Teaching: I have taught several courses including:

  • IE 2021: Engineering Economics
  • IE 3522: Quality Engineering and Reliability
  • IE 4041W: Senior Design
  • IE 4541W: Project Management
  • IE 5522: Quality Engineering and Reliability
  • IE 5524: Process Transformation through Lean Tools
  • IE 5541: Project Management
  • CSE 1001: First Year Experience

Honors and Awards

Horace T. Morse - University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education, 2019

Selected Publications

  • L. Miller and D. Emery. “A Framework for Collaborative Peer Review for Group-written Documents.” Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition , Salt Lake City, Utah, 2018.
  • D. Gupta, H-W Chen, L.A. Miller, F. Surya. “Improving the Efficiency of Demand-Responsive Paratransit Services.” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 44 (4). 201-217, 2010.
  • S. Day, J.-P.P. Richard, Y. Li, L.A. Miller. “On the Extreme Inequalities of Infinite Group Problems.” Mathematical Programming, 121(1). 145-170, 2010.
  • J.-P.P. Richard, Y. Li, L.A. Miller. “Valid Inequalities for MIPs and Group Polyhedra from Approximate Liftings.” Mathematical Programming, 118(2). 253-277, 2009.
  • J. Begnaud, S. Benjaafar, L.A. Miller. “The multi-level lot sizing problem with Flexible Production Sequences.” IIE Transactions, 41(8). 702-715, 2009.
  • F. Gaglioppa, L.A. Miller, S. Benjaafar. “Multitask and Multistage Production Planning and Scheduling for Process Industries.” Operations Research, 56(4). 1010-1025, 2008.
  • L.A. Miller, J.-P.P. Richard, Y. Li. “New Facets for Finite and Infinite Group Problems from Approximate Lifting.” Naval Research Logistics, 55(2). 172-191, 2008.
  • R.E. Gomory, E.L. Johnson L. Evans. “Corner Polyhedra and their Applications to Cutting Planes.” Mathematical Programming, 96(2), 321-339, 2003. (as Lisa Evans).
  • J. Aráoz, L. Evans, R.E. Gomory, E.L. Johnson. “Cyclic Group and Knapsack Facets.” Mathematical Programming, 96(2). 377-408, 2003. (as Lisa Evans).