Departmental advising services are available to all undergraduate students who are interested in or majoring in ISyE.

Meet with an Advisor

Upper-division ISyE students are required to meet with a departmental advisor every semester, prior to registration. The following ISyE faculty and staff offer advising to undergraduate students.

Darin England

Darin England

Teaching Associate Professor

Katie Sharpe

Katie Sharpe

Student Services Professional

Mental Health Advocate

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

University Honors Program students and students on academic probation should make advising appointments with Professor Lisa Miller.

Preparing for your Appointment

We welcome any student with questions about Industrial and Systems Engineering. To make your appointment as successful as possible:


Come with questions about your plan, courses, technical electives, etc.


Have a course plan in mind


Explore your technical elective options


Consider your co-op, internship, and career path interests


This is also a time to discuss any concerns that you may have that impact your academic career.