Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research in Industrial and Systems Engineering provides motivated students with the opportunity to study an area of interest at a deeper level than what normal coursework provides.

Explore an Area of Interest

Bill and ISyE students

Theoretical Research Areas

  • Optimization
  • Game Theory and Mechanism Design
  • Stochastic Systems and Queueing Models
  • Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control
  • Simulation

Applied Research Areas

  • Supply Chain
  • Revenue Management
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Sharing Economy
  • Manufacturing
  • Markets and Service Systems

Projects can take the form of:

ISyE students research

How to Get Started

To get started, look through the faculty biographies and read about their research areas to get a general idea of the type of research in which you would like to participate. You are encouraged to directly contact faculty who engage in research in your area of interest. This can be done via email, after class, or during office hours as appropriate.

Places to share your work:

Samples of Past Projects