Honorary professorships

Regents Professorships

Established in 1965, the Regents Professorship is the University of Minnesota's highest recognition for faculty excellence. The award honors faculty whose especially distinguished accomplishments in teaching and scholarship or creative work have contributed uniquely to the University and to the public good.

Ned Mohan †Electrical and computer engineering2019
David PuiMechanical engineering2019
R. Lawrence EdwardsEarth sciences2016
Vipin KumarComputer science and engineering2016
Timothy LodgeChemistry; Chemical engineering and materials science2013
Lawrence Que Jr.Chemistry2009
Frank BatesChemical engineering and materials science2007
Donald TruhlarChemistry2006

Regents Professors Emeriti and Former Regents Professors

Allen GoldmanPhysics and astronomy2008
H. Ted Davis †Chemical engineering and materials science1997
Avner Friedman **Mathematics1996
Daniel Joseph †Aerospace engineering and mechanics1994
Benjamin Y.H. Liu *Mechanical engineering1993
Richard Goldstein †Mechanical engineering1990
L.E. “Skip” Scriven †Chemical engineering and materials science1989
Paul Gassman †Chemistry1988
Bryce Crawford †Chemistry1983
Lawrence MarkusMathematics1980
Rutherford Aris †Chemical engineering and materials science1978
Edward Ney †Physics and astronomy1974
Herbert Wright †Earth sciences1974
Lanny Schmidt *Chemical engineering and materials science2002
James Serrin †Mathematics1968
Neal Amundson †Chemical engineering and materials science1967
Ernst Eckert †Mechanical engineering1966
Alfred O.C. Nier †Physics and astronomy1966

* retired ** no longer at the University of Minnesota † deceased

McKnight Presidential Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Established in 1999, the McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair and the McKnight Presidential Endowed Professorship are among the highest honors for faculty at the University. Recipients are recommended by their college dean and chosen at the discretion of the president based, in part, on their academic and research accomplishments and their contributions to advancing the University.

McKnight Presidential Endowed Chairs

Laura Gagliardi **Chemistry2019
Graham CandlerAerospace engineering and mechanics2018
Michael Tsapatsis **Chemical engineering and materials science2017
Georgios GiannakisElectrical and computer engineering2016
Marc HillmyerChemistry2015
Leonid Glazman **Physics and astronomy2000


McKnight Presidential Endowed Professors

Rhonda FranklinElectrical and computer engineering2022
Saif Benjaafar **Industrial and systems engineering2022
Svitlana MayborodaMathematics2020
Nikolaos PapanikolopoulosComputer science and engineering2016
Graham CandlerAerospace engineering and mechanics2009
Douglas N. ArnoldMathematics2008

Distinguished McKnight University Professorships

The Distinguished McKnight University Professorship honors the University of Minnesota's most distinguished mid-career faculty.

Peter BruggemanMechanical engineering2024
Paul DauenhauerChemical engineering and materials science2024
Joshua M. FeinbergEarth and environmental sciences 2024
Jasmine FooMathematics2024
Chad L. MyersComputer science and engineering2024
Aditya BhanChemical engineering and materials science2023
Rafael FernandesPhysics and astronomy2023
Mohamed MokbelComputer science and engineering2023
Chris KimElectrical and computer engineering2022
Lee PennChemistry2022
Claudia ScarlataPhysics and astronomy2022
Russell HolmesChemical engineering and materials science2021
Kevin DorfmanChemical engineering and materials science2020
Christy HaynesChemistry2019
Susan JonesHistory of Science and Technology2019
Vuk MandicPhysics and Astronomy2019
Sang-Hyun OhElectrical and Computer Engineering2019
Martin GrevenPhysics and astronomy2018
Satish KumarChemical engineering and materials science2018
Theresa ReinekeChemistry2017
Tianhong CuiMechanical engineering2017
Loreen TerveenComputer science and engineering2017
George KarypisComputer science and engineering2016
William ArnoldCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2016
Laura Gagliardi **Chemistry2014
Chris LeightonChemical engineering and materials science2014
Zhi-Li ZhangComputer science and engineering2013
C. Daniel FrisbieChemical engineering and materials science2012
John Riedl †Computer science and engineering2012
Jian-Ping WangElectrical and computer engineering2012
Saif BenjaafarIndustrial and systems engineering2011
Mark D. DistefanoChemistry2011
Marc M. HirschmannEarth sciences2011
Marc HillmyerChemistry2010
Donna WhitneyEarth sciences2010
Graham CandlerAerospace engineering and mechanics2009
Bin He **Biomedical engineering2009
Joseph KonstanComputer science and engineering2009
Andreas SteinChemistry2008
Sachin SapatnekarElectrical and computer engineering2008
Jeffrey DerbyChemical engineering and materials science2008
Gary Balas †Aerospace engineering and mechanics2007
Bernardo CockburnMathematics2007
Uwe KortshagenMechanical engineering2007
Nikos PapanikolopoulosComputer science and engineering2007
John BischofMechanical engineering, biomedical engineering2006
Karin Musier-Forsyth**Chemistry2006
J. Ilja SiepmannChemistry2006
Jeffrey Roberts **Chemistry2005
Shashi ShekharComputer science and engineering2005
Graham CandlerAerospace engineering and mechanics2004
Guillermo Sapiro **Electrical and computer engineering2004
Christopher Cramer*Chemistry2003
Victor ReinerMathematics2003
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou*Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering2002
Robert TranquilloBiomedical engineering2002
R. Lawrence EdwardsEarth sciences2001
Timothy LodgeChemistry, chemical engineering and materials science2001
Keshab K. ParhiElectrical and computer engineering2000
Vladimir SverakMathematics2000
William B. Tolman **Chemistry2000
Hung-wen Liu **Chemistry1999
David Y.H. PuiMechanical engineering1999
Michael Ward **Mechanical engineering1999
Wei-Shou HuChemical engineering and materials science1998
Richard D. JamesAerospace engineering and mechanics1998
Keith A. OlivePhysics and astronomy1998
George BaranyChemistry1997
Tayfun Tezduyar **Aerospace engineering and mechanics1997
Frank S. BatesChemical engineering and materials science1996

** retired or no longer at the University of Minnesota † deceased

McKnight Land-Grant Professors

The McKnight Land-Grant Professorship, a two-year endowed chair, is designed to advance the careers of the most promising junior faculty at a crucial period in their professional lives.

Michelle CalabreseChemical Engineering and Materials Science2024
Ryan CaverlyAerospace Engineering & Mechanics2024
Michelle ChuMathematics2024
Michael CoughlinPhysics and Astronomy2024
Courtney RobertsChemistry2024
Judy YangCivil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering2024
Qi ZhangChemical engineering and materials science2023
Ognjen IlicMechanical engineering2023
Ambika Bhagi-DamodaranChemistry2023
David PoerschkeChemical engineering and materials science2022
Patrick KellyPhysics and astronomy2022
Xue FengCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2022
Martina CardoneElectrical and computer engineering2022
Suhasa KodandaramaiahMechanical engineering2021
Peter KangEarth and environmental sciences2021
Turan BirolChemical engineering and materials science2021
Julianna AbelMechanical engineering2021
Andy WickertEarth sciences2020
Lindsay GlesenerPhysics and astronomy2020
Soheil MohajerElectrical and computer engineering2019
Vlad S. PribiagPhysics and astronomy2019
Mehmet AkcakayaElectrical and computer engineering2018
Filippo ColettiAerospace engineering and mechanics2018
Gene-Hua Crystal NgEarth sciences2018
Ian TonksChemistry2018
Vivian FerryChemical engineering and materials science2017
Sairaj DhopleElectrical and computer engineering2017
Renee FrontieraChemistry2017
Lana YaroshComputer science and engineering2017
Cari DutcherMechanical engineering2017
Xiang ChengChemical engineering and materials science2016
Jiarong HongMechanical engineering2016
William C. K. PomerantzChemistry2016
Rafael FernandesPhysics and astronomy2015
Matthew JohnsonBiomedical engineering2015
Dan KnightsComputer science and engineering2015
Will NorthropMechanical engineering2015
Kechun ZhangChemical engineering and materials science2015
James Van de VenMechanical engineering2014
David J. FlanniganChemical engineering and materials science2014
Jake BaileyEarth sciences2013
Jasmine FooMathematics2013
Mo LiElectrical and computer engineering2013
Rusen YangMechanical engineering2013
Joshua FeinbergEarth sciences2012
Jason HillBioproducts and biosystems engineering2012
Daniel KeefeComputer science and engineering2012
Aditya BhanChemical engineering and materials science2011
Christopher HoganMechanical engineering2011
Chad MyersComputer science and engineering2011
Ibrahim Volkan IslerComputer science and engineering2010
Vuk MandicPhysics and astronomy2010
Yoichiro MoriMathematics2010
Arindam BanerjeeComputer science and engineering2009
Ryan ElliottAerospace engineering and mechanics2009
Tian HeComputer science and engineering2009
Julian MarshallCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering2009
Martin SaarEarth sciences2009
Taner AkkinBiomedical engineering2008
Alptekin AksanMechanical engineering2008
Nicholas HopperComputer science and engineering2008
Chris Hyung-il KimElectrical and computer engineering2008
Katsumi MatsumotoEarth sciences2008
Christy HaynesChemistry2007
Nihar Jindal **Electrical and computer engineering2007
Marta Lewicka **Mathematics2007
William Schuler **Computer science and engineering2007
Chun WangBiomedical engineering2007
Demoz Gebre-EgziabherAerospace engineering and mechanics2006
Yongdae Kim**Computer science and engineering2006
Efie KokkoliChemical engineering and materials science2006
Stergios RoumeliotisComputer science and engineering2006
Alex KamenevPhysics and astronomy2005
Ezra Miller **Mathematics2005
T. Andrew Taton **Chemistry2005
Eric Van WykComputer science and engineering2005
Baoquan Chen **Computer science and engineering2004
Heiko Jacobs **Electrical and computer engineering2004
Kristopher McNeill **Chemistry2004
Joachim MuellerPhysics and astronomy2004
Tian-Jun LiMathematics2003
Krishnan MaheshAerospace engineering and mechanics2003
Fernando Porté-Agel **Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering2003
Marcus KeelMathematics2002
David OddeBiomedical engineering2002
Mohamed-Slim Alouini **Electrical and computer engineering2001
Shaul HananyPhysics and astronomy2001
Richard Hsung **Chemistry2001
Victoria InterranteComputer science and engineering2001
Jiaping WangMathematics2001
Marc A. HillmyerChemistry2000
Dihua JiangMathematics2000
Ivan Marusic **Aerospace engineering and mechanics2000
Zhi-Li ZhangComputer science and engineering2000
Paul A. CrowellPhysics and astronomy1999
Mats Per Erik HeimdahlComputer science and engineering1999
Marc HirschmannEarth sciences1999
Bradley J. Nelson **Mechanical engineering1999
C. Daniel FrisbieChemical engineering and materials science1998
Rachel Kuske **Mathematics1998
Eric Munson **Chemistry1998
Donna WhitneyEarth sciences1998
John BischofMechanical engineering1997
Andreas SteinChemistry1997
Victor ReinerMathematics1996
J. Ilja SiepmannChemistry1996
Andrew Teel **Electrical and computer engineering1996
Prodromos DaoutidisChemical engineering and materials science1995
Craig Forsyth **Chemistry1995
Susan MantellMechanical engineering1995
Nikolaos PapanikolopoulosComputer science and engineering1995
Carol ShieldCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering1995
Christopher Cramer*Chemistry1994
David LiljaElectrical and computer engineering1994
Ellen LongmireAerospace engineering and mechanics1994
John Lowengrub **Mathematics1994
Jaekyun Moon **Electrical and computer engineering1994
Daniel Mooradian ^Biomedical engineering1994
Mark Person **Earth sciences1994
Mark Snyder **Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering1994
Amy Alving **Aerospace engineering and mechanics1993
Gary Balas †Aerospace engineering and mechanics1993
Lorraine FrancisChemical engineering and materials science1993
Karin Musier-Forsyth **Chemistry1993
Jian-Gang Zhu **Electrical and computer engineering1993
Keshab ParhiElectrical and computer engineering1992
Thomas ShieldAerospace engineering and mechanics1992
William Tolman**Chemistry1992
Stephen Chou **Electrical and computer engineering1991
Jeffrey DerbyChemical engineering and materials science1991
Jeffrey Roberts **Chemistry1991
R. Lawrence EdwardsEarth sciences1990
Yuichi KubotaPhysics and astronomy1990
Scott Rychnovsky **Chemistry1990
James KakaliosPhysics and astronomy1989
Homayoon Kazerooni **Mechanical engineering1989
Kenneth LeopoldChemistry1989
Christian TeyssierEarth sciences1989
Robert TranquilloBiomedical engineering1989
Steven KassChemistry1988
Yukata Hosotani **Physics and astronomy1987
Doreen LeopoldChemistry1987
Henry White**Chemical engineering and materials science1987

** no longer at the University of Minnesota ^ changed affiliation within the University of Minnesota

McKnight Presidential Fellows

The McKnight Presidential Fellows Program is targeted at the most promising faculty who have been newly granted tenure and promotion to associate professor, to recognize their accomplishments and support their ongoing research and scholarship. Candidates are considered for these awards at the conclusion of the regular promotion and tenure review process each year. The program, which provides research funds for three years, complements the McKnight Land-Grant Professorship for new assistant professors and the Distinguished McKnight University Professorship for new full professors. As a whole, the McKnight awards identify and support promising faculty at critical stages of their careers.

Peter KangEarth and environmental sciences2023
Alexander OpitzBiomedical engineering2022
Hyun Soo ParkComputer science and engineering2022
Jeff CalderMathematics2021
Samira AzarinChemical engineering and materials science2021
Lana YaroshComputer science and engineering2020
Tim KowalewskiMechanical engineering2020
Tony LowElectrical and computer engineering2019
Rafael FernandesPhysics and astronomy2017
R. Lee PennChemistry2009
Ezra Miller **Mathematics2006
Bethanie StadlerElectrical and computer engineering2006
Krishnan MaheshAerospace engineering and mechanics2005
Fernando Porté-Agel **Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering2005
Paul CrowellPhysics and astronomy2004
Tian-Jun LiMathematics2004
Yong-Zhong QianPhysics and astronomy2004

** no longer at the University of Minnesota

Northrop Professorships

This award recognizes field-shaping faculty at any stage in their post-tenure career at the University of Minnesota—especially those who have made significant advances in their careers at the University of Minnesota, whose national and international work and reputation has been identified as having helped define the trajectory of one or more academic fields, and whose accomplishments have brought great renown and prestige to Minnesota.

Renee FrontieraChemistry2023
Jasmine FooMathematics2023
Svitlana MayborodaMathematics2017


College of Science and Engineering Distinguished Professorships

The College of Science and Engineering Distinguished Professorship honors exceptional faculty for their efforts in and contributions to teaching and scholarly research and for their genuine commitment to the College of Science and Engineering and its activities. College of Science and Engineering Distinguished Professors receive a one-time award of $15,000 to be used for professional development or research.

Subir K. Banerjee *Earth sciences
Victor BarocasBiomedical engineering
Gordon S. Beavers *Aerospace engineering and mechanics
Stephen Campbell ~Electrical and computer engineering
Cynthia CattellPhysics and astronomy
James R. Chelikowsky **Chemical engineering and materials science
Edward L. Cussler *Chemical engineering and materials science
E. Dan DahlbergPhysics and astronomy
Prodromos DaoutidisChemical engineering and materials science
Arthur G. Erdman ~Mechanical engineering
Lorraine FrancisChemical engineering and materials science
Catherine FrenchCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering
Maria GiniComputer science and engineering
Wayne GladfelterChemistry
Allen M. GoldmanPhysics and astronomy
Joachim V. Heberlein †Mechanical engineering
Kenneth J. HellerPhysics and astronomy
Thomas HoyeChemistry
Roberta HumphreysPhysics and astronomy
Warren Ibele *Mechanical engineering
David L. KohlstedtEarth Sciences
Edwin T. Layton *History of science and technology
E. Bruce Lee †Electrical and computer engineering
Timothy P. Lodge ~Chemistry
Marvin MarshakPhysics and astronomy
Larry Miller *Chemistry
Willard Miller *Mathematics
V. Rama Murthy †Earth sciences
Christopher PaolaEarth sciences
Gary Parker **Civil, environmental, and geo- engineering
Louis H. Pignolet *Chemistry
Yousef SaadComputer science and engineering
Lanny D. Schmidt *Chemical engineering and materials science
Carol ShieldCivil, environmental, and geo- engineering
Evan SkillmanPhysics and astronomy
Ephraim M. SparrowMechanical engineering
Beth StadlerElectrical and computer engineering
Kim StelsonMechanical engineering
Donald G. Truhlar ~Chemistry
Hans F. Weinberger *Mathematics

* retired ** no longer at the University of Minnesota † deceased ~ relinquished

Current Endowed Chairs and Professorships

University of Minnesota

HolderChair or professorship
Andrew Alleyne (ME)Russell M. & Elizabeth M. Bennett Chair in Excellence

College of Science and Engineering (Dean's Office)

HolderChair or professorship
Mark Sanders (TLI)Gemini Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship
David Orser (ECE)3M Chair in Experiential Learning
Paige Novak (CEGE)Joseph T. & Rose S. Ling Chair in Environmental Engineering
Steve Koester (ECE)Russell J. Penrose Professorship in Nanotechnology
Joseph Zasadzinskif (CEMS)3M Harry Heltzer Chair
David Blank (Chem)Taylor Distinguished Teaching Professorship
Uwe Kortshagen (Mech)Ronald L. & Janet A. Christenson Chair in Renewable Energy
Russell Holmes (CEMS)Ronald L. & Janet A. Christenson Chair in Renewable Energy
VacantRonald L. and Janet A. Christenson Faculty Impact Fellowship
Alexander Opitz (BME)Boston Scientific Faculty Impact Fellowship
VacantNovus Faculty Fellowship


Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

HolderChair or professorship
Ellad TadmorRussell J. Penrose Professorship in Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
Maziar HematiRussell J. Penrose Fellow in Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics


Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering

HolderChair or professorship
Emmanuel DetournayTheodore W. Bennett Chair
Bojan GuzinaShimizu CME Professorship
VacantMTS Professorship in CME (visting profs here for 1-3 weeks)
VacantJS Braun/Braun Intertec Professorship in Science & Technology (visiting profs)
Mihai MarasteanuMSES/Miles Kersten Chair
William ArnoldJoseph T. & Rose S. Ling Professorship in Civil Engineering
Gary Davis Braun/CTS Chair in Transportation Engineering


Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

HolderChair or professorship
Russell Holmes and Vivian FerryPiercy Professorship in Chemical Engineering
Ben Hackel, Bharat Jalan, and Samira AzarinShell L/G Chair - Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Andre MkhoyanRay D. & Mary T. Johnson/Mayon Plastics Professorship
VacantAmundson Professorship in Chemical Engineering
Lynn WalkerLE Scriven Chair
Dan FrisbieGeorge T. Piercy Leadership Chair in Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Prodromos DaoutidisNeal R. & Shirley D. Amundson Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering
Natalie BoehnkeChris Macosko Professorship
Paul DauenhauerZsolt Rumy Innovation Chair in CEMS
Christopher EllisonLanny & Charlotte Schmidt Endowed Chair in CEMS


Department of Chemistry

HolderChair or professorship
Courtney Roberts and
Aaron Massari
3M Alumni Endowed Professorship in Chemistry
Jessica Hoover and William PomerantzMerck Professorship in Chemistry
Tim LodgePrager Chair #1 in Macromolecular Science in Chemistry
Theresa ReinekePrager Chair #2 in Macromolecular Science in Chemistry
VacantThomas Allen Gregory Chair in Physical Chemistry 


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

HolderChair or professorship
George Karypis and Vipin KumarWilliam Norris Land Grant Chair in Large Scale Computing
David DuUS West Telecommunications Chair
Zhi-Li ZhangQwest Chair #2


Data Science Institute

HolderChair or professorship
Vipin KumarADC Data Science Institute Director's Chair Fund
Shashi Shekhar and Vuk MandicADC Chair


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

HolderChair or professorship
Randall VictoraCentennial Chair in Electrical Engineering
Ramesh HarjaniE. F. Johnson Professorship
Ned MohanSchott Professorship in Power Electronics and Systems
Murti Salapaka and Nicola EliaVincentine Hermes-Luh Chair
Sang-Hyun OhSanford P. Bordeau Chair in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Chris KimLouis J. Schnell Professorship in Electrical & Computer Engineering
James LegerCymer Professorship in Advanced Optical Systems, Metrology, & Lasers
Sachin SapatnekarRobert & Marjorie Henle Chair in Electrical Engineering
Jian-Ping WangRobert F. Hartmann Chair
Tony LowPaul Palmberg Professorship in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mehmet AkcakayaJim & Sara Anderson Professorship in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sairaj DhopleRobert and Sydney Anderson Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Beth StadlerErwin A. Kelen Professorship
Keshab ParhiErwin A. Kelen Endowed Chair


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

HolderChair or professorship
Peter KangGeorge & Orpha Gibson Chair in Hydrogeology
VacantGeorge & Orpha Gibson Chair in Geoscience
VacantGunn Professorship


History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

HolderChair or professorship
Jeffrey YostEngineering Research Associates Inc Chair in the History of Technology



HolderChair or professorship
VacantSamuel G. Ordway Chair in Mathematics
VacantRiviere-Fabes Fund 
Jeff Calder and Tyler LawsonAlbert & Dorothy Marden Professorship in Mathematics
VacantDonald W. Kahn Professorship in Mathematics


Department of Mechanical Engineering

HolderChair or professorship
VacantChair in Mechanical Engineering
Jun Li, Marien Simeni, Natahsa Wright, Suo Yang, and Vinod SrinivasanRichard & Barbara Nelson Land Grant Chair
Susan MantellJames J. Ryan Distinguished Alumni Professorship
Lian ShenKenneth T. Whitby Professorship
Art ErdmanRichard C. Jordan Professorship
Zongxuan SunFrank Rowley Professorship
Peter BruggemanErnest E. Eckert Professorship
Jeffrey Tithof, Ognjen Ilic, and Sayan BiswasBenjamin Mayhugh Professorship in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
David PuiLeroy M Fingerson/TSI Incorporated Chair in Mechanical Engineering
VacantCarl & Janet Kuhrmeyer Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Rajesh RajamaniBenjamin Y.H. Liu - TSI Applied Technology Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Michael McAlpineKuhrmeyer Family Chair in Mechanical Engineering
VacantRichard J. Goldstein Professorship in Thermal Science and Engineering


School of Physics and Astronomy

HolderChair or professorship
Boris Shklovskii and Keith OliveA. S. Fine & Gloria Becker Lubkin Chairs in Theoretical Physics
Andrey Chubukov and Mikhail ShifmanWilliam I. & Bianca M. Fine Chair in Theoretical Physics
VacantTang Professorship


Technological Leadership Institute

HolderChair or professorship
Allison HubelHoneywell/Harold W. Sweatt Chair in Technology Management
Tariq SamadHoneywell/William R. Sweatt Chair in Technology Management
David NguyenE. W. Spencer Land Grant Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Patria LawtonJames J. Renier Chair for Security Technologies
Mark WehdeJames J. Renier Chair for Medical Device Innovation
Judy PenningtonJames J. Renier Chair for Management of Technology