E. Dan Dahlberg

E. Dan Dahlberg

E. Dan Dahlberg

Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy


Physics And Nanotechnology Building
Room 219
115 Union St. Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Magnetic Microscopy Center (MMC)
Physics Force outreach group

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1978

M.S., University of California, Los Angeles, 1974

M.A., University of Texas at Arlington, 1972

B.S., University of Texas at Arlington, 1970

Professional Background
  • University of Minnesota
    • Professor, 1990-present
    • Associate Professor, 1986-90
    • Assistant Professor, 1980-86
    • Research Associate, 1978-80
  • College of Science and Engineering, Distinguished Professor, 1998-present
  • Chair of IUPAP -C9 Committee, 2006- 2009
  • Elected Vice-President of IUPAP 2006-2009
  • Elected to Executive Board of American Physical Society 2001-2002
  • Selected as a member of the APS Visiting Scientist Program, 2001-present
  • Member of APS Committee on Committees 2001-2003 (Chair in 2002)
  • Member of David Adler Lectureship Award selection committee 2001-2002 (Chair in 2002- resigned for conflict of interest)
  • Member of APS Committee on Education (2000-2002)
  • Friend of Physics, appointed by President Judy Franz, 1999-present
Scientific & Professional Societies
American Physical Society
Research Interests

Professor Dahlberg's primary research interests are in magnetism. His active research program involves a substantial effort in spin transport in magnetic multilayers and films and ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic exchange coupling. In addition to this work, he is also the Director of the Magnetic Microscopy Center (MMC) at the University of Minnesota. The MMC applies magnetic force microscopy techniques to a variety of outstanding physics problems such as the dynamics of single domain magnetic particles, micromagnetics of domain structures and magnetic logic devices.

Honors and Awards
  • George Taylor Distinguished Service Award, 2005
  • University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award, 2002
  • Distinguished Alumnus for the College of Science at UTA, 1998-99
  • APS Fellow, 1996
  • AAAS Fellow, 1995
  • George Taylor/ IT Alumni Society Award for Teaching,1992
  • Outstanding Instructor Award, 1990
  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 1981-85
Selected Publications
  1. Zijun Chen and E. Dan Dahlberg, Deformation of Water by a Magnetic Field, The Physics Teacher 2011
  2. L. Belova, E. Dan Dahlberg, A. Riazanova, J. J. L. Mulders, C. Christopherson and J. Eckert, Rapid electron beam assisted patterning of cobalt at elevated temperatures via seeded growth, Nanotechnology 2011
  3. J. Carmona-Rodriquez, R. Lozada-Morales, P. del Angel-Vicente, O. Jimenez-Sandoval, G. Lopez-Calzada, D. Dahlberg, S. Jimenez-Sandoval, Properties of Cux(CdTe)yOz thin films: composition-dependent control of band gap and charge transport, J. Mater. Chem. 2011
  4. D. Endean, J.N. Heyman, S. Maat, E.Dan Dahlberg, Quantitative analysis of the giant magnetoresistance effect at microwave frequencies, Phys. Rev. B 2011
  5. Tanner Schulz, Gabe Burch, Andrew Kunz and E. Dan Dahlberg, Magnetic Response vs. Lift Height of Thin Ferromagnetic Films, IEEE Trans Mag 2010
  6. Kristl Hathaway and E. Dan Dahlberg, Resource Letter STMN-1: Spin Transport in Magnetic Nanostructures, AJP (Invited) resource paper 2007
  7. T. Gredig, I. N. Krivorotov, and E. Dan Dahlberg, Temperature dependence of magnetization reversal and angular torque in Co/CoO, Physical Review B 74, e094431 (2006)
  8. Hyuk-Jae Jang , P. Eames, P., E. Dan Dahlberg, M. Farhoud, and C.A. Ross, Magnetostatic interactions of single-domain nanopillars in quasistatic magnetization states, Applied Physics Letters 86,. 23102-1-3 (2005)
  9. L. Wang, K. Umemoto, R.M. Wentzcovitch, T.Y. Chen, C.L. Chien, J.G. Checkelsky, J.C. Eckert, E. Dan Dahlberg, and C. Leighton, Co1-xFexS2: a tunable source of highly spin-polarized electrons, Physical Review Letters 94, 056602/1-4 (2005)
  10. G.D. Skidmore, A. Kunz, C.E. Campbell, and E. Dan Dahlberg, Micromagnetic domain structures in cylindrical nickel dots, Physical Review B 70, 12410-1-4 (2004)
  11. I. N. Krivorotov, C. Leighton, J. Nogués, Ivan K. Schuller, and E. Dan Dahlberg, Origin of complex exchange anisotropy in Fe/MnF2 bilayers, Physical Review B 68 (RC), 54430-1 (2003)
  12. W.-T. Lee, S. G. E. te Velthuis, G. P. Felcher, F. Klose, T. Gredig, and E. D. Dahlberg , Ferromagnetic domain distribution in thin films during magnetization reversalPhys. Rev. B 65 224417 (2002) [abstract]
  13. I. N. Krivorotov, C. Leighton, J. Nogues, I. K. Schuller, E. D. Dahlberg , Relation between exchange anisotropy and magnetization reversal asymmetry in Fe/MnF/sub 2/ bilayersPhys. Rev. B 65 100402 (2002) [abstract]
  14. I. N. Krivorotov, K. R. Nikolaev, A. Y. Dobin, A. M. Goldman, E. D. Dahlberg , Exchange field induced magnetoresistance in colossal magnetoresistance manganitesPhys. Rev. Lett. 86 5779 (2001) [abstract]
  15. K. R. Nikolaev, I. N. Krivorotov, W. K. Cooley, A. Bhattaoharya, E. D. Dahlberg, A. M. Goldman , Exchange-biased La/sub 2/3/Ca/sub 1/3/(Sr/sub 1/3/)MnO/sub 3/ ultrathin films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 76 478 (2000) [abstract]