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Physics Undergraduate Students

Program Overview

The undergraduate physics program at Minnesota offers a flexible, real-world approach to the physics major. We offer physics major programs that prepare you for careers in engineering and applied physics, computer applications, secondary school teaching, or biomedical sciences as well as one that gives an excellent preparation of physics graduate work. In addition we offer a liberal arts physics major, the liberal arts degree for the modern world. Each of these programs is tailored to your specific needs by the careful choice of technical electives chosen in consultation with your physics advisor.

Physics learning is a process that involves intellectual engagement and hands-on experience. Imagination, creativity, real world problem solving, communication, and team work are an important part of the process. We emphasize the important connection between reality and theory with a substantive laboratory component to every physics program. Each includes a year long course called Methods in Experimental Physics in which students get experience using modern experimental equipment, including computer interfacing, and end up designing, constructing, analyzing, and presenting the results of their own experiment. All physics majors are encouraged to participate in our research groups working on the frontiers of knowledge. These positions often offer financial support either through the University's UROP program or directly from the research group. Physics majors, especially those interested in pursuing an advanced degree or a career in teaching, can also obtain a teaching assistant position in the department.

Xuzhe Ying with statue
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Xuzhe Ying

Xuzhe Ying - Ph.D in Physics, Class of 2020

Why did you choose Physics?

Primarily, I was driven by curiosity to pursue a Ph. D in physics. Physics deals with lots of interesting phenomena. Moreover, physics has a beautiful combination of math and concrete phenomena. At the same time, studying physics gives me a unique aesthetic experience.

Where will you be going next?

I will be joining the University of Waterloo as a Postdoc working on the interaction effect in topological semimetals.

Interested in becoming a Physics Major?

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Undergraduate Program Handbook

You can find out all the details of the program in the Undergraduate Handbook.

Dr. Han Fu
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Dr. Han Fu

Han Fu - Ph.D in Physics, Class of 2017

Why did you choose Physics?

Physics has always interested me as it reveals the concise fundamental laws behind the dazzling phenomena.

Where are you now?

I joined the University of Chicago as a Postdoc after graduation. I've been working on researching dynamics in a driven ultracold bose system.