Major and career exploration


As you explore majors, consider which options excite you, what you would enjoy studying, and what would give you the type of career you are seeking. Keep in mind that there are many paths to a career, so your career choice may not always be defined by your major choice.

Use the following resources to explore majors and careers. Also be sure to check out each major's four-year plan.

What can I do with a major in...

View PDF guides with information about career options for each major.

CSE Resource Center

Check out the CSE Resource Center in Lind Hall, Suite 105 to find information about majors, industries, salary data, and graduate school.


Conduct a job search on GoldPASS to see what types of positions exist for various majors. Search for openings listed by interest area or major. As you read the descriptions, consider if the job duties and company fit your personality, skills, values, and interests.

Career assessments

Take a career assessment to better understand your interests and personality preferences. Learn more about career assessments.