Additional experiences


Get involved in research to stimulate your mind, broaden your perspectives, and get a boost for your future career. There are many research opportunities available as well as resources to help get you started. For strategies to get involved, visit the CSE undergraduate research webpage and/or the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

Campus and Community Jobs

Any job can help you develop skills that are valuable for your career such as teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Part-time and summer jobs give you the opportunity to take on professional responsibilities, tasks, and projects and can be stepping stones to help you get an internship or research experience in the future. There are many student employment opportunities on campus. For on-campus opportunities, visit the University of Minnesota’s Human Resources website.

Leadership and Student Organizations

Employers rank leadership and extracurricular involvement as influential attributes when deciding between two equally qualified candidates (National Association of Colleges and Employers 2020 Job Outlook). Getting involved with a student organization and/or taking on a leadership position will help you develop your leadership skills.

Some student organizations also offer the opportunity to get hands-on experience, such as the Solar Vehicle Project and Engineers Without Borders. Here are some resources to help you find student organizations and leadership opportunities:

Experience Abroad

Studying or interning abroad may help you develop your language abilities, cultural competency, and skills such as adaptability and problem-solving. Read more about the career relevance of learning abroad on the U of M Learning Abroad website. To learn more about study abroad opportunities, visit the CSE Learn Abroad webpage. You can find additional information on the U of M Learning Abroad Center website

Once you return from your international experience, meet with a CSE career counselor to learn how to market your experience to employers and stand out as an applicant. 


Volunteering is a way to gain experience and lend your skills to make a difference. It may help you get your foot in the door at an organization or help you develop skills you can demonstrate to future employers. Here are some resources you can use to find volunteering opportunities: