Ognjen Ilic

Ognjen Ilic

Ognjen Ilic

Benjamin Mayhugh Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering
Room 215
111 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Graduate Faculty Member: Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Physics and Astronomy


Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2016-2019, Department of Applied Physics and Material Science, California Institute of Technology
Ph.D. 2015, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A.B. 2009, Physics, Harvard University


Laboratory for Nano Optics & Mechanics — ME 373

ME Research Areas
Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
Materials & Mechanics

ME Impact Areas
Energy Transition
Environment & Sustainability
Next-Gen Manufacturing

Research Interests
  • Heat transfer and radiative energy harvesting and storage
  • Light-matter interactions in nanoscale devices and materials
  • Electromagnetic metamaterials and metasurfaces
  • Nanophotonics
  • Thermal-Infrared optics and photonics

Honors and Awards

  • Air Force Young Investigator Program (AFOSR YIP) Award
  • 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Bulletin Prize

Selected Publications

  • Ognjen Ilic and Harry Atwater "Self-stabilizing photonic levitation and propulsion of nanostructured macroscopic objects," Nature Photonics, 13(4), p.289 (2019).
  • Ognjen Ilic, Nathan Thomas, Thomas Christensen, Michelle Sherrott, Marin Soljačić, Austin Minnich, Owen Miller, and Harry Atwater "Active radiative thermal switching with graphene plasmon resonators," ACS Nano, 12(3), p.2474 (2018).
  • Harry Atwater, Artur Davoyan, Ognjen Ilic, Deep Jariwala, Michelle Sherrott, Cora Went, William Whitney, Joeson Wong "Materials challenges for the Starshot lightsail," Nature Materials, 17, p.861 (2018).
  • Ognjen Ilic, Ido Kaminer, Bo Zhen, Owen Miller, H. Buljan, and Marin Soljačić "Topologically enabled optical nanomotors," Science Advances, 3(6), e1602738 (2017).
  • Ognjen Ilic, Marinko Jablan, John D. Joannopoulos, Ivan Celanovic, and Marin Soljačić "Overcoming the black body limit in plasmonic and graphene near-field thermophotovoltaic systems," Optics Express, 20, A366-A384 (2012).