Boris Shklovskii

Boris Shklovskii

Boris Shklovskii

A.S. Fine Chair in Theoretical Physics; Professor , School of Physics and Astronomy


John T. Tate Hall
Room 275-10
116 Church Street Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute (FTPI)


Ph.D., Ioffe Institute, 1968

A. B., Leningrad University, 1966

Professional Background

Director of Theoretical Physics Institute, 1995-98

Research Interests

Theory of transport and electron-electron correlations in disordered systems, quantum Hall effect, hopping conduction, metal-nonmetal transition and transport in nano-crystal films.

Honors and Awards

  • APS Buckley Prize, 2019
  • Fellow, American Physical Society, 1994
  • A.S. Fine Chair in Theoretical Physics, 1990
  • Landau Prize of Academy of Sciences of USSR, 1986


  1. B.I. Shklovskii, and A.L.Efros, “Electronic Properties of Doped Semiconductors”, Springer, Heidelberg (1984) Available from or viewable in Google Drive
  2. Appendix, 40 years after is viewable in Google Docs

Selected Publications

Full list of publications
Direct Access to Published Papers

  1. Y. Huang, C.-H. Sheu, B. Shklovskii, Plasmons in Semiconductor and Topological Insulator Wires with Large Dielectric Constant (2022)
  2. Y. Huang, B. Skinner, B. Shklovskii, Conductivity of Two-dimensional Small Gap Semiconductors and Topological Insulators in Strong Coulomb Disorder (2022)
  3. Y. Huang. Y. He, B. Skinner, B. Shklovskii, Conductivity of Two-dimensional Narrow Gap Semiconductors Subjected to Strong Coulomb Disorder (2021)
  4. Y. Huang, B. Shklovskii, Disorder effects in topological insulator nanowires, Phys. Rev. B 104, 054205 (2021)
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  7. X. Fu, Y. Huang, Q. Shi, B. Shklovskii, M. Zudov, G. Gardner, M. Manfra, Hidden Quantum Hall Stripes in AlxGa1−xAs/Al0.24Ga0.76 As Quantum Wells, Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 236803 (2020)
  8. Y. Huang, B. Shklovskii, Spectral rigidity of non-Hermitian symmetric random matrices near Anderson transition, Phys. Rev. B 102, 064212 (2020)
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Advisees & Collaborators

Graduate Students:

  • Yi Huang