CSE committees

2023-24 CSE Consultative Committee

Bill ArnoldFaculty, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2024)
Stuti AroraUndergraduate student, Computer Science & Engineering (2023)
Christine BerkeschFaculty, Mathematics (2024)
Phil BuhlmannFaculty, Chemistry (2025)
Lizzy CristGraduate student, Biomedical Engineering (2023)
Lucy FortsonFaculty, Physics and Astronomy (2024)
Russell HolmesFaculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (2024)
Char PsihosP&A, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2025)
Cara SantelliFaculty, Earth and Environmental Sciences (2025)
Allison SmallCivil Service, Computer Science & Engineering (2023)
Loren TerveenFaculty, Computer Science & Engineering (2024)

2023-24 CSE Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

Raymond HozalskiFaculty, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2024)
Steven KassFaculty, Chemistry (2024)
Satish KumarFaculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (2026)
James LegerFaculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2026)
Vera PospelovaFaculty, Earth and Environmental Sciences (2025)
Jean Philippe-RichardFaculty, Industrial Systems and Engineering (2026)
Alena TalkachovaFaculty, Biomedical Engineering (2026)

2023-24 CSE Honors and Awards Committee

Tianhong CuiFaculty, Mechanical Engineering (2026)
David FaveroFaculty, Mathematics (2026)
David FlanniganFaculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (2026)
Colleen GuestCSE Alumni (2025)
Victoria InterranteFaculty, Computer Science and Engineering (2025)
Thomas JonesFaculty, Physics and Astronomy (2024)
Keshab ParhiFaculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2025)

2023-24 CSE Graduate Education Committee

Victor BarocasAssociate Dean
Sebastian BehrensFaculty, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2026)
Prodromos DaoutidisFaculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (2026)
Ryan ElliottFaculty, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (2026)
Thomas HoyeFaculty, Chemistry (2024)
Jake RothGraduate student, Industrial Systems and Engineering (2024)
Jim Van de VenFaculty, Mechanical Engineering (2024)

2023-24 CSE Graduate Fellowship Committee

Mehmet AkcakayaFaculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2024)
Victor BarocasAssociate Dean
Cari DutcherFaculty, Mechanical Engineering (2026)
Timothy LaparaFaculty, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2025)
Duan NykampFaculty, Mathematics (2026)

2023-24 CSE Salary Equity Review Committee

Ryan ElliottFaculty, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (2024)
Stephan GuyFaculty, Computer Science and Engineering (2026)
Donna WhitneyFaculty, Earth and Environmental Science (2026)

2023-24 External Awards Committee

Dan DahlbergFaculty, Astronomy and Physics (2025)
Cathy FrenchFaculty, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering (2025)
Maria GiniFaculty, Computer Science and Engineering (2025)
Wayne GladfelterFaculty, Chemistry (2025)
Mostafa KavehFaculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2025)
Uwe KortshagenFaculty, Mechanical Engineering (2025)
Michael McAlpineFaculty, Mechanical Engineering (Cover for sabbatical)
Peter OlverFaculty, Mathematics (2025)

2023-24 Inclusivity Council

Andrew AlleyneCSE Dean
Edgar ArriagaCouncil Chair
Samira AzarinFaculty, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Morgan ConleyGraduate student, Technological Leadership Institute
Emad EbbiniFaculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nicole KlemanAdministrative Support
Caitlin KnightStaff, Mathematics
Ryan MahutgaPostdoc, Biomedical Engineering
Chad MyersFaculty, Computer Science and Engineering
Eman RamadanStaff, Computer Science and Engineering
Andrena SeawoodStaff, CSE Office

2023-24 Research Advisory Board

Abdennour AbbasAssociate Professor (3 years), Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering 
Ryan ElliottFull Professor (3 years), Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics 
David FlanniganAssociate Professor (1 year), Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 
Jessica LambAssistant Professor (3 years), Chemistry 
Jialiang LiFull Professor ++ (3 years), Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering
Tony LowFull Professor (sub 1 year), Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alexander McLeodAssistant Professor (2 years), Astronomy and Physics
Jean-Philippe RichardFull Professor (2 years), Industrial Systems and Engineering
Cara SantelliAssociate Professor (3 years), Earth and Environmental Sciences
Shashi ShekarFull Professor (1 year), Computer Science and Engineering
Jeffrey TithofAssistant Professor (1 year), Mechanical Engineering
Li WangAssociate Professor (2 years), Mathematics
Kyoko YoshidaAssistant Professor (3 years), Biomedical Engineering