Summer Camps for Students

Each summer MathCEP runs a variety of summer programs, often in collaboration with other centers at the University.

In 2020, all summer programs were online.  We hope to return to in-person programs on campus in Summer 2021.  Programs for the upcoming summer are generally announced in March.

Summer 2020 Programs

IMA-MathCEP Math Modeling Camp for High School Students.  Use math to analyze real-world situations.  For students currently in high school who will have completed a calculus course by June 2020.  The Summer 2020 camp focused on modeling the spread of diseases.

Girls Talk Math.  In 2020, we joined a network of sites around the country offering this program to high school students.  The goal is to make advanced mathematics accessible to students of underrepresented genders in STEM; see more information about our Minnesota site.

UMTYMP Summer Camp.  Instead of acceleration, our summer camp for UMTYMP students focuses on enrichment, and gives our instructors a chance to share their favorite mathematics with UMTYMP students.  For UMTYMP students who are completing Algebra or Math Analysis this year; see the courses' Canvas pages for more information.

Online Math Explorations: In Summer 2020 we ran an online version of the UMTYMP Summer Camp which was open to all middle school students.

<run>: \the\world Machine Learning Day Camp, run by MCFAM.  Learn how to analyze data from the financial sector, social media, and other sources.  For students entering 11th or 12th grade.

MathCEP Students create a Sierpinski Pyramid outside under trees in summer