2024 < RUN>: \ THE\ WORLD Machine Learning Summer Day Camp


How does Netflix know what movies you like?

How does Target decide what products to stock?

How do professional sports teams draft player with statistics?



About the Camp

Experience the exciting and growing field of machine learning. Learn cool programming and math techniques to work on hands-on projects with real world data. By training computer models to identify shapes, trends, and preferences, you can:

  • Predict winners in a game
  • Generate custom designs
  • Diagnose dangerous diseases
  • Make suggestions about purchases
  • And much more!

What You Will Learn

  • Use the Python programming language to analyze sports data, historic data, gaming data, and more that can be found around us on a daily basis
  • Apply machine learning algorithms to projects of your choice
  • Gain an understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their applications

The School of Mathematics and the School of Statistics collaborate to bring high school students this exciting summer camp.