Actuarial Science Specialization

Applied mathematics skills are in constant demand in the finance and insurance industries. Here at the University of Minnesota, we've designed an undergraduate mathematics program with a specialization in actuarial science to prepare graduates to fulfill this need. This specialization emphasizes a foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming, and equips students with tools critical for an analytical business professional. Students will gain an understanding of modeling financial products with topics such as actuarial insurance models, financial derivative pricing, and predictive analytics. The program also prepares students for four to six professional qualifying actuarial exams.

Curriculum, Related Minors, and Careers

Learn more about core concepts such as curriculum, careers, and related minors on the School of Mathematics specialization page.

Student Involvement

Our students have many opportunities to get involved by joining the UMN Actuary Club, tutoring high school students, competing in a case competition, and attending MCFAM seminars.  

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What is an actuary?

An actuary is a business professional who deals with the measurement, modeling and management of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries analyze data to calculate risks in financial markets, particularly for insurance and financial companies. Actuarial work is a great career path for applying mathematics in a business setting.

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Actuarial Advisor: Doreen Vescelius (

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