Financial Mathematics Tuition

Tuition Rates per Credit:  

Tuition in 2023-2024 for the MFM and the FQF:  

$1,128/credit - Minnesota Resident

$1,412/credit - Non Minnesota Resident.

MFM students who finish the MFM program in 2 consecutive years will pay the same tuition rate during their entire program. Those who take longer than 2 years will be charged the current rate after their first two consecutive years in the program.

Minimum credits required to complete the MFM:  35

Credits required to complete the FQF: 15

University Fees

Student Health Benefits Plan Requirements and Costs

All full time students (6 or more credits) must be on a health care plan. 


Unfortunately, the School of Mathematics does not offer Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, Fellowships, or Scholarships for MFM or FQF students.

There are two options for financial aid for MFM students. These do not apply to students in the FQF program.

  1.  The MFM program offers two diversity fellowships. Fellowship cycle is open during the summer.
  2. MFM graduate students can also apply for loans through the University of Minnesota using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). One application is all it takes to be considered for aid at the U of M.  Click here for more details on applying for FAFSA