Advising for Math Majors and Minors

Working closely with faculty and departmental advisors is the best way to stay on track for graduation.

Faculty advisors

How faculty advisors can help

    Actuarial Science advisor (Doreen Vescelius)

    How the Actuarial Science advisor can help

      Departmental advisor (Kate Lewis) 

      How the departmental advisor can help

      • Assisting with the same items as faculty advisors
      • APAS questions
      • Addition or removal of a Math specialization
      • Academic policy questions
      • Math minor declaration
      • BA Math major declaration (all except actuarial science specialization)
      • Probation review (CSE math majors)
      • Transfer student orientation

        Scheduling: What to keep in mind

        • We encourage scheduling appointments in advance because slots fill quickly, especially during peak times of the semester.
        • Same-day appointments are not available.

        CSE Math majors have a DS hold on their record 

        • This ensures students are seen for advising and course planning at least once per academic year.
        • The DS hold is advanced, not removed, based on course planning.
        • Pay close attention to the effective term associated with the DS hold.

        You don’t need an advisor meeting to


        Math faculty advisors

        For all specializations except Actuarial Science, or no specialization

        Meeting mostly virtually

        Actuarial Science advisor

        Schedule an appointment

        Meeting both virtually and in-person

        Departmental advisor

        Schedule an appointment

        Meeting both virtually and in-person