Tuition & Benefits

The PhD program in the School of Mathematics is fully funded. Most of our students are funded through Graduate assistantships, typically in the form of a teaching assistantship. Funding offers are renewable for up to six years.

The MS is unfunded, except for the MS with Emphasis in Math Education, which offers funding in the form of a Teaching assistantship renewable for up to two years.

Health coverage

Graduate assistants and fellows are eligible for 12 months of coverage on the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. A University of Minnesota assistantship or fellowship covers 95 percent of the cost of this benefit.


The College of Science and Engineering covers the collegiate fee for students holding at least half assistantships or fellowships. Full-time students are responsible for the following fees, as applicable, each semester:

  • Student Services fee 
  • Capital Enhancement fee
  • Council of Graduate Students (COGS) fee
  • International Student Engagement fee
  • International Student Support Services fee
  • Stadium fee
  • Transportation and safety fee

Incoming students are responsible for the one-time Academic Records fee. 

Current fees


Graduate students in the School of Mathematics are not guaranteed summer funding. Summer funding is available through the department in the form of teaching and research assistantships. 

Students are encouraged to use career resources to apply for summer internships and programs funded outside of the University:

Graduate School career support

College of Science & Engineering Career Center